A New Center for Innovation in Dance Technologies

Hello everyone

we have just launched a new Center for Innovation in Dance Technologies,

We are looking to partner with anyone who share our passion to examine how specific technologies enables, challenges, integrates and influences artists and creators, the choreographic expression and a broad cultural aspects of the human body and its interfaces with ever crowded world of sensors, autonomous entities, robots, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

If you have any thoughts or ideas on how to partner with us please ping me or connect me directly at:



Our areas of exploration combine the following technologies in a multidisciplinary and creative approach:

1. Augmented Reality, Virtual reality mixed reality.

2. Motion Sensing, RFID's, GPS, IoT, Face Recognition and eye tracking tech.

3. Robotics, man-machine interfaces.

4. Human Augmentation, Optimization of motion disabilities.

5. AI, big data, machine-learning, motion modeling and analytics, cognitive computing.

6. Nano-Scale kinesthetic modeling tech, In vitro (“Insideable”) health devices.

8. 3D projections and new screen and Audio tech.

9. Design tech, 4D printing, and self assembly.

10. Bio-Mimicry inspired motion tech.

Visit us at : http://vertigo.org.il/…/center-innovation-dance-technologi…/

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