dance anywhere: where will YOU be April 24, 2009?

April 24, 2009 - where will you be? dance anywhere A global / conceptual annual dance event. An invitation to " dance anywhere" - noon - San Francisco 3 pm - NY or Santiago, Chile 9 pm - Paris or Rome 10 pm - Ankara or Jerusalem anywhere around the world... Stop, DANCE, & take a photo or video! R.S.V.P. This is a non-profit public art project that celebrates art practice as an integral part of life. Vision • To blur the line between art practice and performance or exhibition • Realize the change dance /art brings to our environment • That creativity has the power to inspire and empower • Art creates community • Art has no boundaries youtube "dance anywhere" Email: Visit today to find out more & RSVP!

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  • I will probably be panicly rehearsing my interactive performance for Wednesday 29th. Might take a picture of that. :)
  • I will be cleaning, polishing, straightening & hanging stuff for my open studio Friday April 24 thru Monday
    April 27 as part of my visual artist persona but undoubtably will also leave evidence out of my performance self. Part of the TOAST Open Studio Event in Tribeca. Come if you'd like & bring your cash. Art objects for sale!


    • So take a moment on April 24th amidst the cleaning & dance! Send a photo to
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