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dear all -

dear all - the March-April discussion forum on 'dance/performance and participation' has started on the dance-tech maillst, a few days ago, I tried t reach everyone and revive the 10 year old listserv as a valuable, slow, careful discussion forum. The first posts and messages have come in, from new and old members, and this promises to be a potentially vibrant discussion. If you missed the start, just contact me and I send you the words that have been spoken. 

If you wish to join, and are not already subscribed, please do go


warm regards

Johannes Birringer


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  • Dear Johannes, 

    I just suscribed but I missed the previous conversations, could you please forward me the discussion from its beginning? 


    Alexandre Achour

    • yes, welcome to Dance-tech maillist, & of course I can send you the postings up to now.  You'll have to let me know an email address please. contact me at johannes.birringer at    

  • dear Johannes, 

    my name is Frosina Dimovska, dancer and dance teacher from Novi Sad, Serbia. I would like to follow the discussion but I wasn't a member of the forum. could you please update me on what has been said?

    thanks a lot,

    best regards,


    • Frosina

      please email me and send me your email contact and I will be happy to forward you all the month's discussion posts. you can also enroll, as I invited you to, and then when you subscribe you receive all the postings and can post yourself - this is the old dance-tech listserv, not the same as this platform. regards, Johannes

    • dear Frosina 

      of course  - please do join the list, then you can read and post, and participate in the conversation  - it really only started a week ago, and I have collected the statements and the dialogue, so I could send that to you, if you email me and let me have an address

      I can be reached at johannes.birringer at

      or join our list and the community

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