Isadora’s creator and pioneering media artist Mark Coniglio will offer an introductory workshop for the Isadora “Creativity Server” – a tool offering real-time interactive presentation and manipulation of video and other media expressly designed to be used by artists. Coniglio will cover all the basic functions of Isadora, starting with simple tasks like playing movies, compositing video, and how to take advantage of Isadora’s scene based structure, moving on to introduce the integrate projection mapping tool, and ending up with some demonstrations of real-time interactive control. Participants will all receive a one-month free license so that they can continue to experiment with the program after the workshop ends.

Participants will need to bring a personal computer (Mac or PC)

DATES: 30. July, 14 - 19h
COST: 50€ (includes 1 month access to ISADORA software)
Participation: limited to 12 people

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