Hello all!

I am a theatre director from Buenos Aires, and I am applying to the Fulbright scholarship to go study in the US. I am really interested in creative tech on stage, interactive projection design for theatre and all that makes a play immersive to the viewer. I've found several courses on the field, but i have a tiny problem. The schoolarship covers intensive courses or workshops that last one month minimum, four months tops. 

Everything i've found lasts either three days, or two years. Does anybody here, can think of one place to go study this? 

It can be a university, or a studies center, any institution public or private.

Anyway, thanks for reading this and hope you can help me!


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    The New International Performing Arts Institute provides special educational programs, equipping current and future directors, movement directors, actors coaches, choreographers, arts managers and creative leaders with special knowledge and skills necessary to bring positive results in their careers and in modern Performing Arts industry.


    At new Theatre Directing Diploma Course students learn by doing from the day first of their enrollment!


    We give an opportunity to learn directing through a variety of options, through dynamic blend of InClass sessions, distant learning, workshops, and immediate application of gained knowledge. Students work with actors from the first day of their classes and will learn and explore the numerous visual, dramatic, and technical challenges that face directors. In addition to writing, analyzing plays, directing, and working with performers, students assist other members of their crews in the roles of choreographers, performers, and in NIPAI Diploma Programs students should make their graduation performances with theatre organization or group. Ultimately, through intensive hands-on guidance and immediate application, our goal is to empower students to make their work on performances interesting, to make actors and crew work on performances interesting and make audience enjoy the show!


    Another wonderful aspect of NIPAI programs is the multiculturality of our students. The NIPAI draws an incredibly diverse, international groups of students who share a passion for telling, creating and sharing stories. Recent programs included students from the USA, Canada, France, Italy, UK, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Australia, Singapore, Mexico, Brazil, India, Israel, Japan, China, Lebanon, Taiwan, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Russia.


    Students interested in enrolling in the program can do so year-round as NIPAI offers rolling admissions.


    Program Duration: 18 months

    InClass Sessions: 4 study weeks 

    Program Format: Online & InClass Course

    Study Project: Graduation Performance

    Next Intake: August 2019



    Call for applications

    The program is open for international students. 

    All applicants must possess the drive and commitment necessary to complete a program. They must be able to communicate well and work collaboratively with others in an artistic environment.



    Theatre Directing Diploma Program Poster3.pdf

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