Contemporanean Art Museum of Chile . Phooto registry 2007Instalations DanceThis project experiment in the relation Dance and New Means establishing a dialoge interdisciplinary between body in movement, electronic image and sound. We take as it bases theoretics the processes of choreographic construction, and relations that are possible to establish between the discipline of the dance, the famele sort, the politician and the artistic production in general.The assembly has a discontinuous reading and fragmentary organized in exercises (scenes) that can altogether be presented of independent form or all of them join, there are fixed scenes and other that are open to the improvisation. We take the idea of "spectator-author" allowing that of one or another way takes part in the production of this work.Cía Caída Libreperformer: Valeria Ortega, Carmen Gloria Tabilo, Claudia SepúlvedaSound. Alondra CornejoOriginal idea, camera, video, Director:Brisa MPDifusión Independiente: Dinamo Audiovisual* Scene" the interrogation"The spectatorThe disposition of space for the spectator supposes to make him an executer, an actor of the piece of another observing spectator, the view inside of space is guided nor by the executers neither images, he watches what he wants to watch, therefore it always be a fragmented view of the piece and never an one way directed view. The spectator is moving, searching the scenic space that gets active or inactive through the dancers and the illumination. The position and the movements of the spectator’s body are the position of his view.TV setsIn the case of tv set, it’s connected to a camera that projects the piece while it goes by. A guided position is given by the cameraman who modifies the view. The tv set outside the room breaks the idea of unique space where the piece develops, as the space is content by the edges of the frame of the screen and the camera. This dislocation of the view could never have the same temporality of what happens inside, as well as in this space (the tv set) the piece is recorded and executers, sounds, spectators and images will be a product (the piece) inside of this space of contention that has been prepared.
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