Two weeks of performances, excursions, and experiences in, around, and away from Judson Memorial Church.We are scheming to attract maximum density of performance energy to Judson Church over 14 days, an experiment to discover what sort of strange gooey crystal may precipitate. We are casting out lines in several dimensions and diverging axes: digging into our pasts while following hints from current trends to divine the future, looking locally in our neighborhoods and living rooms one day and stretching the boundaries of our perceived communities the next, exploring rural/natural as well as alternative post-industrial landscapes, and seeking inspiration in the vast expanse of geological time while resonating with the fragmented rhythm of our modern obsession with the new. We are imagining strategies for identifying and dissolving obstacles between disciplines, mediums, and scenes, and plotting to subvert familiar structures. Most of all, we are celebrating what we love about making performance at this moment in time and space.
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