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OPEN PROCESS DANCE FILMS BY DAHCI MA AND DANIEL CONRADQ & A with the Filmmaker Dahci Ma after the screeningFree Admission5:30 - 7:00 PM, September 13, SaturdayMag:net Cafe Katipunanwww.magnet.com. phThe Films:1. THE MYSTERIES OF NATURE10min/Fiction- Dance,Fantasy/ HD/No DialogueApril 2008 KoreaFilm Synopsis: It’s torn into pieces and gone with the wind.Director’s statement: To approach in a different way.Director: Dahci MaWriter: Boram Park & Dahci MaProducer: Dahci MaChereography: Jaeyoung ParkMusic: Youngkyu JangDP: Youngsoo BaeEditor: Sunmi KimCast: Jaeyoung Park, Kitaek Ahn, Seongmin Ham, Chanok Jeong2. ABOARD THE PATER NOSTERProduced and directed by Daniel Conrad, choreographed by Aszure BartonThis dance film invents a little tribe of humans trying to make sense of their dehumanized lives, as they pass through the city of Prague. In the beginning, they ride on a "pater noster," a cyclical, continuous elevator in which multiple door-less cars are strung along the cables like beads on a rosary. Then they board a streetcar cycling in an endless loop through Prague. They react to the car's wild movement and the city's unpredictable natural light as the streetcar lurches through traffic. We are so submerged in cities that the shapes and cycles of our lives are invisible. This film offers new ways of looking, using variations on themes of circularity, the craving for human contact, and the sense of being simultaneously alone and together.3. AFTERNOON OF THE CHIMERASProduced and directed by Daniel Conrad, choreographed by Aszure BartonThis 35mm film is built like a fugue in ten short movements. The images are deliberately lush, in the way that Brueghel and Bosch are lush. The theme, human transformation, is expressed by dancers in the roles of chimeras (mythological creatures made of parts of different animals, e.g., centaurs, minotaurs). It was shot in the extreme isolation of Haida Gwaii (the Queen Charlotte Islands), where the dancers and crew survival-camped for a month. Here, chimeras cavorted in the thick moss, volcanic rock, roots, tide pools, seaweed, and sheer cliffs. Transformation occurs easily and spontaneously between certain kinds of natural forms, as any Inuit sculptor can attest. Such ways of looking are highly developed in cultures such as the Inuit, the Dogon (Mali), or the Kwoma (New Guinea), who live in and with wilderness. If, walking through a forest in dense mist, we see a bear, and as we get closer we see it's really a tree stump in the shape of a bear, we saywe never saw a bear, only a stump. But someone from an animist culture might say we saw a bear which turned into a stump that now contains the spirit of the bear, as in Ovid's Metamorphoses. In this way of looking, perception is always valid.------
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