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Ahmet Ögren: Turkish Romany DancerAhmet Ogren has been dancing professionally sin ce 1978. During the28 years of his dance life he has accompanied many renowned artistson TV and in stage shows. He has choreographed and producedTurkish Folklore Dance Shows with his group and presentedperformances in Turkey's tourist regions.''The oppression, comes together with social impressions and exclusions; rebellion, love, joy and blues, spread around as finding soul at instrument,is being played by gypsy musician. Every person forms a fascinating world exceptional for themselves; someone has fallen in love, so withdrawn;someone has been oppressed, so silent; someone is cheerful, so fun...But certainly there=2 0is one thing to be sure: Word stays behind,leaves in its place the mysterious of music and dance, dance.... ''
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  • Greetings from Ahmets promotor in Scandinavia!
    I strongly recommend anyone interested in Turkish or roma dance to take from Ahmet. He has a unique and jazzy, but still authentic style plus excellent teaching and breakdown skills which is kinda crucial if you want to catch the intricate 9/8-rythm of the Turkish roman-dance.
    Have fun at the workshop!
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