Interactive Ice instrument for MELT

this is the basis of environmental sound for my current work... the ice melts - releasing the pebbles - they strike the instrument and this sound is then processed in Max/MSP -the falling pebbles also trigger an entire series of events later in the piece -causing a splash to occur in the projected video, a phrase to be read and a change in lighting...and yes - it's a pain to work with large sheets of ice...thanksjamie
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  • no - i don't really have a good recording of it at this point...
    I also don't think I know either Angelo or Gail...

    I'll get a short up soon...

  • Do you have any mp3s of the sound online? I'd love to hear what you did with that. Do you know Angelo Vermeulen or Gail Wight?
  • Wow! that's really amazing! I love the connection of the analog to the digital. I think I remember hearing about this from someone who went to siggraph last summer. Thanks!
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