Whistle Me Higher- Imaginary Dances From Bingo Palace, created by Laura Ward, celebrates the fantastic aspects of nature, religion, addiction, and the American Dream found within Death Valley/Las Vegas. The gamut of southwestern glamour, glitz and gluttony, is revealed through contemporary ballet, original music, spoken word and physical theatre, which includes eagle totems, Elvis weddings, and legends involving flying machines. The score, by Fa Ventilato (Fuckintosh, Bingo Palace) and Frank Heer (Der Flammender Grund, Bingo Palace) is a key portal into the often hypnotic, drug induced, dream-like show, set somewhere between Lost Highway and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Guest choreographer Georgina Aragon is featured within the work. An excerpt from Whistle Me Higher- Imaginary Dances From Bingo Palace can be seen on YOUTUBE.com entitled Just Like An Eagle. It tells an old Native American legend from the Panamint Mountains in Death Valley and illuminates the adaptation required for survival.
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