1|11|2005: The site named 'videodance' that is part of emptyfilm website is launched as a beta version, including 5 videodance films with overall title '5 Paths'. These films were co-produced by the Greek State School of Dance and the British Council as part of a workshop taught by the filmmaker Margaret Williams. It contains the history of videodance, from 1880 to 2002, theory and reviews on this hybrid form of art that combines dance and film, bibliography and links.Since 2005 the production of videodance films increased in number. More festivals were created, symposia were organised and manifestos were written.In January 2010 the videodance site became part of a bigger project called 'seen[empty]scene' and is still part of the emptyfilm project, curated by Demitri Delinikolas, that is a research project on the application of internet in the production and distribution of digital cinema. The 'seen[empty]scene' project contains three sub-projects. The first one explores the art of videodance whilst the second one is dedicated in performance art, and the third one is dedicated in dancetheatre.'Seen[empty]scene' is curated by Eleni Karozi.All three websites are under construction but will be launched
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