Virtual and Physical Dance

I am artistic director and choreographer for Ballet Pixelle ( and am working to explore the intersection of physical and virtual dance. I welcome any and all discussions. We are looking at avatars interacting with real dancers. We are "dancing into the digital future..." Does anyone have any experience with this?

Also, does anyone have/use a low-cost motion capture system?
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  • You should look into the project European Tele-Plateaus, initiated by TMA Hellerau who also have a profile here on dance-tech. I'm involved in this project so please, feel free to ask me any questions. We don't actually work with virtual dancers but with dancers in different geographic places. The result is that you might get the feeling you're dancing with a virtual partner. Anyway, please have a look at or at the ETP profile or TMA profile on dance-tech.
  • Inarra Saarinen,
    Artistic Director and Choreographer

    Dear Inarra

    I am writing to explore the opportunity for Ballet Pixell to partner in ArtOsphere project, a nomadic umbrella organisation that explores STEM Arts - Arts at the intersection of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

    ArtOsphere includes QUANTOM, a state-of-the art mobile art venue created by Pr. Franz Fischnaller, touring exhibitions, residencies, workshops and symposia. Over the period 2011-2014, ArtOsphere will be touring Catania, Budapest, Maribor, Porto, Gijon, Prague, Leiden and London.

    The themes that will be covered in those cities are:

    I. The Natural World (Catania - 2011)

    II. The Engineered World (Moribor- 2012)

    III. The Imaginary World (Guimaraes - 2012)

    IV Modern Identity (Gijon- 2013)

    V. Ethics (Prague- 2013)

    VI. Esthetics (Leiden - 2014)

    VII. Unplugged (London - 2014)

    We aim to apply for a European funding (Culture programme strand 1.1) and have put together a European-wide partnership that includes some of the finest centers of excellence in Art, Science and technology ( and we are delighted to invite you to be our Associate Partner for the creation / performance in Artosphere shows



    Our international advisory / curatorial panel includes:

    o Steve Wilson, Head, Conceptual Information Arts (CIA) Program, San Francisco State University and Author of Information Arts (MIT Press,2002) and Art, Science and Technology Today (Thames & Hudson)

    o Rita L. Irwin, Chairman, International Society of Education Through Art, Professor of Curriculum Studies and Art Education, and Associate Dean of Teacher Education, University of British Columbia

    o Oron Catts, Director, SymbioticA, The Centre of Excellence in Biological Arts, School of Anatomy and Human Biology, The University of Western Australia

    o Franz Fischnaller, Founder of FABRICATORS. Franz is an Italian media scholar, an artist, a designer, a researcher and a producer operating in the fields of art, design, archeology, architecture, science and technology.

    o George W. HART, research professor – Stony Brook University , New York ( USA ), Chair of Bridges, the International Math Art Organisation

    o Jacki Morie, Chair of Digital Arts Committee, SIGGRAPH, Project Manager and Principal Investigator for the Sensory Environments Evaluation (SEE) Project. Institute for Creative Technologies, University of Southern California

    o Mike Stubbs, Executive Director, (FACT) Foundation of Art and Creative Technology, Liverpool , UK

    o Jan Edler, Architect and Director, Realities United - award winning studio for art, architecture and technology. realities:united develops and supports architectural solutions, usually incorporating new media and information technologies.

    o Stanza, NESTA and AHRC award winning media artist, London
    o Mark Amerika, Award winning Media artist who has had four international retrospectives of his digital art work, one at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in London, one at the Media Arts Plaza in Tokyo, one at Ciber@rt Bilbao 2004, and one at FILE in Sao Paulo .

    I hope to hear from you soon

    Kind regards

    Dr. Lotfi K, Director
    Planet Art eXchange
    1 Great George Street
    Liverpool L1 5EW
    Tel 07910908758
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