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hi everybody!

It is great to join here... For me the area is so new... I was theoratically working in this areas last two years. So i just started create some piece with using real time softwares... So hope to share more.Love&Peace
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featuring Michael Newman, Judith Barry, Sarah Charlesworth, and others

Organized by Afterall

Tuesday, November 27 7pm
Tickets: $7

This panel discussion examines the use of appropriation in contemporary art, considering the various approaches to appropriation adopted by three different generations of artists spanning the 1970s to today. The panel will be moderated by art historian and writer Michael Newman, the author of Richard Prince: Untitled (couple) recently published by Afterall Books, and he will be accompanied by artists Judith Barry, Sarah Charlesworth, and others.

Afterall is a non-profit research and publishing organization, supported by Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London and California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles, that publishes a contemporary art journal and a series of books. For more information, please visit

Photo: Richard Prince, Untitled (couple), 1977, Ektacolor photograph (detail). Courtesy Barbara Gladstone Gallery, New York.

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Major new residency and performance/installation series

In January 2008, LEMUR will inaugurate "ReSiDeNt," a unique new creator-in-residence program, hosted at LEMUR's Brooklyn space in Park Slope. Each month, we will award three artists a month-long residency at LEMUR, enabling them to create a work utilizing LEMUR's resources, including robotic musical instruments, MIDI audio/video controllers, video projection and tracking system and more. Each group of residencies will culminate in a public show at LEMUR at the end of the month.

Artists from all performing and installation disciplines are encouraged to apply, including musicians, composers, dancers, choreographers, video artists, interactive installation artists, performance artists, multimedia artists and others.
LEMUR's staff will provide technical support to residents for learning and utilizing our resources. For early residencies, we will give preference to artists with a reasonable degree of technical skill with computer art. As the year progresses, we will be able to give a higher level of technical support, possibly including programming, electronic design and more.

The deadline to apply for January's residencies is Monday, December 17th. Announcement of January's residency awards will be announced the following week.

Subsequent deadlines will be rolling, allowing artists to submit applications to be considered for future residencies throughout the year. The application process is outlined below and will also be posted to LEMUR's web site shortly.

Applying to ReSiDeNt

The application process is designed to be easy. Mainly, we want to see your qualifications and past work and get a sense of the type of work you would do at a LEMUR residency.

All applications are accepted via email to Please include the following information in your email.

Part 1: Contact Information
Cell number
Alt number

Part 2: Work Samples
Send URLs of video, audio, photos and text documenting your past projects. Please indicate which works you would like us to view, in which order, and what role you had in creating the work.

We prefer to receive all work samples online. You may also attach files up to 1 MB total. If you need to email larger files which you can not put online, please contact us in advance for ftp information. If you must mail hard copy of work, you can send it to LEMUR, 461 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11215, attn: ReSiDeNt.

Part 3: Artist Resume/CV
Send us your artist resume or CV in plain text, Word or PDF format. Important - please make sure to include a list of your technical skills relevant to the residency.

Part 4: Proposal Sketch
Send us your idea or ideas for what you might do during a LEMUR residency. Include which instruments and resources you envision working with (see below). Your project does not need to be conceived in full at this time, but please instill in us the confidence that you have a reasonable plan in mind and that you can realize a work in a month's time.

Thank you for your time and interest in LEMUR ReSiDeNt. We look forward to receiving your application.

Eric Singer
Executive Director
LEMUR: League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots

What instruments, systems and other resources will be available to me?
GuitarBot, XyloBot, ModBots (percussion bots), HydroBots (water-based bots), Slime-o-trons (slime controllers), Chime-o-tron (MIDI wind chimes), Slink-o-trons (slinky controllers), Sonic Banana (bend controller), Ascension Flock of Birds 6-DOF tracking system with 3 trackers, sensors, MidiTron and MidiTron Wireless sensor interfaces, floor-projected video with video tracking overlay, wall-projected video, PA, PTZ camera, broadband internet, Mac and PC computers, MIDI keyboard, software (Max/MSP/Jitter, Isadora, Digital Performer, etc.). In addition, LEMUR is constantly working on new instruments, which will be made available as they are created.

How much time will I be able to spend at LEMUR working on my project?
You can spend as much time as you want, subject to scheduling with LEMUR staff. Generally, someone is there Monday through Friday from 10 am until 8 pm, and weekend times can be arranged as necessary.

Does my work have to utilize LEMUR's instruments and equipment?
Yes. A major goal of this residency program is to partner with a variety of artists to create new work for LEMUR instruments.

What length is my work expected to be?
For performances, we would like a minimum of 20 minutes of work. For music, a 40-45 minute set would be highly desirable. Installations would normally be ongoing, though we would hope that any one user would be engaged for 5 minutes or more.

Is there any stipend or other support money?
This is an unfunded residency program, so there is no stipend or support money. The support we provide is in the form of in-kind donations of our time, space and resources.

Do I have to do a performance, or is an installation ok?
Installations are fine and encouraged. Preference will be given to interactive installations over non-interactive ones.

To realize my work, I want to create new software/Max patches/electronics but I don't know how. Can someone at LEMUR help me?
Not at this time. We don't have the resources to develop custom technology outside the scope of our own work. However, if you have a technologist that will commit to partnering with you, you are welcome to propose this.

I have a great idea but I've never done computer art before? Should I apply?
At the early stages of this program, we will probably not be able to support artists who do not have reasonable skills in implementing their work.

I live outside of New York City. Can you provide room and board?
We can't, but you probably already have a friend with a sofa in New York City :-)

Will there be future opportunities to show the work I create after the end-of-month show?
The best work to come out of ReSiDeNt will likely have future opportunities to be shown. LEMUR stages performances and installations around the world, and we are always looking to incorporate new work.

What are some examples of projects you will consider?
Compositions for the robots
Interactive performances with the robots and/or controllers
Interactive installations with the robots and/org controllers
Interactive dance with the robots
Theater pieces or performance art with the robots
Interactive video installations incorporating the robots

My discipline doesn't fall into your listed categories. Can I still apply?
Definitely. These are simply examples, and we will consider work from any discipline if we feel it is possible to realize at our space.

Do I have to come in with a project idea from the beginning?
You do not have to come in with a fully formed project, but you should have an idea of what you want to do and should outline this in your application. You can develop the specifics of your project within the time frame of the residency. Also, feel free to bounce ideas off us before applying.

What if my work will take longer than a month to complete?
We can only devote one month of work time to each artist. If you need more time but can do your preliminary work off-site prior to the residency month, we will consider this.

Please feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have.

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7, 8 & 9 December




INTIMACY is a three-day digital and live art programme made to elicit connectivity, induce interaction and provoke debate between cutting edge artists, performers, leading scholars, respected researchers, creative thinkers and local communities. A culturally urgent series of events, INTIMACY is designed to address a diverse set of responses to the notion of 'being intimate' in contemporary performance and as such, in life. INTIMACY invites scholars, researchers, artists and audiences to enable the interrogation and creative exploration of formal, aesthetic and affective modes of performing intimacy now.

Please note: Knowledge East is offering 2 BURSARIES worth 500 GBP each, for student workshop participants who will submit a successful application for an enterprise project inspired by any of the 4 INTIMACY workshops. Grab the chance!

INTIMACY features:


One-to-one performances with Adrian Howells and Helena Goldwater @ Home (Booking Required | Limited Capacity)

Workshops with Prof. Johannes Birringer and Kira O'Reilly @ Laban, Godsmiths campus (Ticketed | Book Now, Limited Capacity)

Seminars with Mine Kaylan and Tracey Warr @ Goldsmiths (Ticketed | Book Now, Limited Capacity)

Launch with Live Performances & Gigs @ Goldsmiths from 6:30pm. FREE, come along!
Featuring: SUKA OFF, Blind Ditch, Atau Tanaka, Ernesto Sarezale, Adam Overton, Avatar Body Collision, Joe Stevens, Mark Cooley, Leonore Easton & Boris Hoogeveen, Frank Millward, Eva Sjuve & Chantal Zakari


Workshops with Kelli Dipple (ticketed), Alan Sondheim and Prof. Sandy Baldwin (FREE, booking required) @ Goldsmiths and Second Life (Book Now, Limited Capacity)

Seminars with Dominic Johnson and Paul Sermon (Ticketed | Book Now, Limited Capacity)

Performances with Fran Cottell (booking required), Lauren Goode (booking required), Helena Walsh & Chris Johnston @ Goldsmiths. FREE

Show & Tell Presentations, Screenings and Posters @ Goldsmiths. FREE, come along!
Featuring: body>data>space, Jaime del Val, kondition pluriel, Nikki Tomlinson, Jan van der Crabben,
Branislava Kuburovic, Lena Simic & Gary Anderson, Clara Ursitti, Jo Wonder, Anna Dimitriu, Anita Ponton, Elena Cologni, Georgia Chatzivasileiadi, Freya Hattenberger, Nancy Mauro-Flude, Eva Sjuve Atau Tanaka, Daniel Agnihotri-Clark, Donna Rutherford, Annie Abrahams & Nicolas Frespech, Michael Pinchbeck & Claudia Kappenberg

Performances @ The Albany. FREE, come along!
Featuring: Martina von Holn (booking required), Michelle Browne, Leena Kela, Sam Rose, Jess Dobkin, Pierre Bongiovanni, Camille Renarhd & Gael Guyon, Mary Oliver, Rachelle Beaudoin, Caroline Smith, Jaime del Val (ticketed).

Premiere of Suna No Onna by Dans Sans Joux @ Laban. (Ticketed | Book Now, Limited Capacity)

Intimacy Meal @ The Albany, £10 p/p. Booking required, email Owen:


Symposium @ Goldsmiths (Ticketed | Book Now, Limited Capacity)
Featuring: Amelia Jones, Paul Sermon, Tracey Warr, Mine Kaylan, Dominc Johnson, Kelli Dipple, Kira O'Reilly, Johannes Birringer, Adrian Heathfield, Janis Jefferies, Lizbeth Goodman, Jess Dobkin, Simon Jones, Ang Bartram. With performances /events by Adam Overton, Rachel Gomme, Hiwa K. & Anaesthesia Associates

7 & 8/12: Urban Workshop with Pierre Bongiovanni, Camille Renarhd & Gael Guyon (Booking Required) FREE

Throughout: Online Performance by Susana Mendes Silva (booking required); Phone performance by Bernadette Louise; One-to-one event by Chris Dugrenier

We hope to see you at this event that -between you and me- you just cannot miss....

INTIMACY is co-directed by: Maria X [aka Maria Chatzichristodoulou] & Rachel Zerihan.

The INTIMACY Board are: Prof. Johannes Birringer, Prof. Janis Jefferies, Gerald Lidstone, Prof. Adrian Heathfield, Hazel Gardiner

INTIMACY Across Visceral and Digital Performance is supported by: AHRC ICT Methods Network; Goldsmiths, University of London [Digital Studios, Graduate School, Dpt. of Computing, Dpt. of Drama, Dpt. of Media and Communications, Dpt. of Visual Cultures, Dpt. of Music, Centre for Cultural Studies); Knowledge East; Laban; The Albany and Home.

Maria Chatzichristodoulou [aka maria x] PhD Art and Computational Technologies Goldsmiths Digital Studios skype: mariax_gr
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4th INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP OF THE TECHNOLOGIES OF THE BODY FRONTIER BODIES: AESTHETICS AND POLITICS IN POST-POSTMODERNISM _________Applications deadline: 2nd december APPLY NOW >info in >>>and in - ---->programacion ----------->Artes Escénicas------------>
TALLER INTERNACIONAL DE LAS TECNOLOGÍAS DEL CUERPO ______Directed by Jaime del Val__REVERSO _with seminars, presentations and performances by: _____Stelarc ______ Allucquére Rosanne (Sandy) Stone ______ Daniel Schorno_STEIM ______ Donald Glowinski_InfoMus Lab ______ Rudolfo Quintas (Swap Project) & André Gonçalves ______ Roberta Bosco ______ Laura Cañete ______ Juan Carlos Olmos & Universitat Pompeu Fabra ______ Jaime del Val & Olinto_REVERSO _17th-23rd December 2007____Spain__Madrid___La Casa Encendida ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ 4º TALLER INTERNACIONAL DE LAS TECNOLOGÍAS DEL CUERPO CUERPOS FRONTERA: ESTÉTICAS Y POLÍTICAS EN EL POST-POSTMODERNISMO _____Plazo de inscripciones: hasta el 2 de diciembre >>>>>>>> INSCRÍBETE AHORA DESCARGA PROGRAMA OFICIAL: tecnologias_cuerpo_pdf.pdf >información en >>> y en - ---->programacion ----------->Artes Escénicas ______dirigido por Jaime del Val__REVERSO _con seminarios, presentaciones y performances de: ______ Stelarc ______ Allucquére Rosanne (Sandy) Stone ______ Daniel Schorno_STEIM ______ Donald Glowinski_InfoMus Lab ______ Rudolfo Quintas (Swap Project) & André Gonçalves ______ Roberta Bosco ______ Laura Cañete ______ Juan Carlos Olmos & Universitat Pompeu Fabra ______ Jaime del Val & Olinto_REVERSO _17-23 Diciembre 2007_____Madrid__La Casa Encendida __________________________________ _____________________________
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29th November 2007
Belfast (Sonic Arts Research Centre): 8PM UK TIME
Hamburg (Hochschule f=FCr Musik und Theatre): 9PM CET
Graz (Insitut f=FCr Elektronische Musik and Akustik): 9PM CET
[Admission Free]

Within the context of EU Culture 2007 project COMEDIA, the Sonic Arts

Research Centre, the Hochschule f=FCr Musik und Theatre Hamburg and the

Insitut f=FCr Elektronische Musik and Akustik (KUG Graz) present a
concert which showcases four unique strategies for music performance
over networks. This event presents instrumental, audio-visual and
laptop work and features music by John Cage, a network piece by Pedro

Rebelo and structured improvisations with a distributed piano trio
and a laptop trio. The concert will also take place in SecondLife


Five (John Cage)
Cage's work is performed with a distributed quintet, making use of
Georg Hajdu's software for network performance.

Piano Trio
A pianist in each site forms a distributed trio performing a free
improvisation work. The performance utilises remote avatars developed

at SARC which abstract and display gestures from remote performers.

Frequencyliator Laptop Trio
Developed at SARC by Alain Renaud, the Frequencyliator acts as a hub
for laptop improvisation providing cues, distributing bandwidth and
facilitating negotiation between performers through a voting system.

Disparate Bodies 2.0 (Pedro Rebelo)
First performed as version 1.0 in Belfast, NY and Stanford as part of

NIME 2007, this work relies on the development of performative and
improvisational strategies which take advantage of network
performance scenarios through graphic notation and temporal
structuring. The work itself is a clash of disparate approaches which

form the basis of an investigation into relationships with musical
potential (between performers, performers and audiences, composition
and improvisation etc...). Help shape the performance by distributing

scores over space and time using the online db_editor.
The db_editor invites to public to shape the performance of Disparate

Bodies by manipulating various graphic score sources. The changing
position of each symbol is reflected in the order and duration of
each score element during the performance. By dragging the symbols
over the map you are editing two aspects of how the final performance

score will be put together and displayed to audiences and performers
on the three sites. The time of edit (shown on the right column)
determines the relative duration and order (most recent first) of
score elements.
The position relates to how prominent score element for each site
(e.g. a score element positioned over Belfast suggests that only
performers in Belfast will play that element). This editor will be
open till the 28th November 12:00 CET, when the final score sequence
will be assembled.

More info, links to db_editor, web and second life streaming

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And catching up!
Hello all! Hi kelly.
It was great to see the network growing in real time.
I am in Bostom performing, as a video designer for the actress/Pamela Sneed. I writing this using the wirelss connection in the Bus terminal...taking the Chinatown bus!!
Performance went well. It is an interesting experience ro design video for is different that doing it for dance. This particularly because It is a very direct augmentation of her presence and give it containment (frame).
See documentation from show last December:
I have not writetn in my own blog for a while. Busy...
I have been involved in VJ-U and a weekly netcast about visual performance. Got to go now!

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