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Thursdays 4-5:15pm EST

Somatic awareness+breath+mindful movement+connection

I am offering the Dancing Awareness class adapted to the online environment. I will continue our exploration and benefiting of the possibilities of playing with networked presence, shared vitality and expanded somatic exploration.  I lead the sessions as synthesis of my investigation on somatics, embodied cognition, meditation, dance improvisation and networked performance.

You need a hight speed internet, computer or smart devices with camera and microphone. You can do this class alone or with a group and need at least some space to move and play. You may also adapt the activities to your space and range of movement afforded by it. I suggest to place the device at floor level and be willing to reconnect with  you body and with others.

We will use the ZOOM video platform.

This class is produced and supported by
Yoga Center Amherst | Online

Pay from the heart model!

Follow instructions here!

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Dance and Music: The 21st Century Direction.

Manjunan Gnanaratnam.



The Avant-Garde of any art form is spearheaded by its Artists, and then documented by its Scholars, Theorists & Historians. During the 20th Century, Dance [Concert Dance], with the Kinesthetic Body as its instrument, Deconstruction as its primary process for investigations, Movement Vocabulary as its language, and Choreography as its creative outlet, examined its inherent Multi-Disciplinary identity extensively resulting in the development of Modern Dance, followed by Post-Modern Dance, leading us into the 21st Century. Music/Sound, an integral component of this Multi-Disciplinary identity of Dance, negotiated these developments through both period’s into the latter part of the last century establishing a direction in Music that is now specific to Dance. However Scholars and Theorists on this are yet to emerge, leaving the discourse on the subject to those from both Music and Dance fields to collaborate on viewpoints when called upon, deferring to each other for conclusions. Hence, until Dance Music Theorists and Scholars emerge, those who don’t have to collaborate on the subject for analysis, my below diagram, incorporating Yvonne Rainer’s from 1980, reflects the extensive developments in this collaborative art form of Dance and Music that occurred during the 20th century, beyond the situational Micro Cycles of Limited Affect/Effect through the ubiquitous, conventional Dance and Music collaborations, to the extensive Macro Cycles of Complex Affect/Effect of the feedback loops and pathways of symbiotic artistic flow of influence, and of extensive Multi-Disciplinary explorations that occurred between some of the critical figures from both Music and Dance. This in turn influenced both art forms, including extending the creative capabilities of the Artists beyond the conventional practices of their Art, while establishing a specific, complex lineage and practice of Dance Music and pointing to where future directions of it will come from. The discourse on this specific subject doesn’t have to begin at point A, it can continue from point R..


 ©2019. Manjunan Gnanaratnam

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Every Tuesday from 6-7:30pm EST we will be having meetings online and experimenting in/with this new environment. This group originated from the core members of the Lancaster Meditation Group in Massachusetts (USA). Now, adapted to the online environment, it is open to everybody. It is facilitated in English.
On Tuesdays sessions, we will continue a close reading the book Satipatthana Meditation: A Practice Guide by Bikkhu Analayo until April 7th 2020.
You may drop-in even if you have not read the chapter. It is about being together and develop an environment of lovingkindness.
We will use ZOOM as a platform for our encounters.
You just need to click on the link that is included in this invitation and follow some prompts. It is very straight forward. You may join the meeting with your computer (with camera and mic), your smart device or using your phone.
See instructional video here:
This is a crucial time and a very good opportunity to practice facing the is uncertain...not personal, not permanent and not perfect.
These teachings are offered freely following the DANA tradition (see the links below for donations)
Important info:
1.-The sessions will be on Tuesdays from 6 to 7:30pm (Starting Tuesday March 17th 2020). It is a drop-in group.
2.- I will be ON 20 minutes before the session. 
3.-"Arrive" early to sort all tech hurdles. 
4.-Your mic will be muted when you enter the virtual meditation hall. 
5.-Every week you will receive a reminder for the session and we will be using the same ZOOM URL.
6.-I recommend to use headphones and find a quiet/private place to join the sessions. 
7.-We will start with a quiet meditation, then a presentation of a topic for dialogue in small groups and final sharing and questions.
You need to join this online group to be able to receive the link.
if you need zoom link and more information you can also email marlon to:
The teachings are offered freely following the DANA tradition*
2.-You can make a deposit to my bank account via Zelle with my email: or mobile number 617-5300661
3.-I accept donations to my Bitcoin Wallet:  
4.-You may send a check to my name to 1230 Pleasant Street, Barre, MA 01005
*taxable income as an independent contractor.
Guided meditations recorded from sessions:
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UNSTABLELANSCAPE Online Festival: Forever Hybrid Week 1
While We Were Holding It Together
Ivana Müller

In While We Were Holding It Together, a tribute to the power of the imagination, Ivana Müller subjects notions of body and mind, and the relationship between the two, to a closer inspection. This results in a poetic, humoristic and philosophical production that draws the audience into Müller’s clear logic. While We Were Holding It Together creates images in becoming, always changing, depending on who is looking. Is it a rock band on tour? A picnic in the forest? A hotel room in Bangkok? We look, imagine and re-invent while searching for what is hidden and for what we want to see.

Created in 2006, the piece has been shown more than 70 times in festivals and venues in Europe, the United States and Asia. In 2007, While We Were Holding It Together won two prizes at Impulse Festival (DE). The jury of this internationally renowned festival awarded the performance with the first prize for the best off-theater production as well as the prize of the Goethe Institute.

The piece was also nominated for the 2007 VSCD mime-prize, which is the annual prize of the collaboration of Dutch theaters and concert halls for the best show of the year in the category of physical theater.

The piece exists in the original English version and, since November 2008, also in a French version.

Concept, direction: Ivana Müller

Performance: Katja Dreyer/Sarah van Lamsweerde/ Albane Aubry, Pere Faura/Ricardo Santana/ Arnaud Cabias, Karen Røise Kielland/ Hester van Hasselt/Anne Lenglet, Stefan Rokebrand/Jobst Schnibbe/ Geert Vaes/ Sébastien Chatelier, Jefta van Dinther/Bill Aitchison/ Julien Fallée – Ferré

Text : Ivana Müller, Bill Aitchison, Katja Dreyer, Pere Faura, Karen Røise Kielland, Stefan Rokebrand, Jefta Dinther.
Artistic advice : Bill Aitchison
Sound design : Steve Heather
Light design & technics : Martin Kaffarnik

While We Were Holding It Together is produced by LISA and I’M’COMPANY, in co-production with Sophiensaele Berlin (DE), Productiehuis Rotterdam / Rotterdamse Schouwburg (NL), Dubbelspel (30CC and STUK Kunstencentrum Leuven, BE).

This project is financially supported by the Nederlands Fonds voor de Podiumkunsten and the Mondriaan Stichting.

This piece is presented on, .net by courtesy of Ivana Muller

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