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I have been following online the events and co at EMPAC and hopefully will make it there myself soon in person. I can only agree on that dance film screenings should happen more often. Speaking from my own work and feedback I receive from friends, family and critics is that in public screenings the same piece of work is often well received and understood while most video dances lose their fascination online (think youtube). The problem is not only the lower quality that reduces the effects of sound and speed of movements but also the moment of 'live' performance in front of an audience is taken away from the work. The unique specialty of video dance is that it is closely related to live dance and thus its presentation in which it needs the space, the sound echoing of walls and an audience sharing the experience of movements, camerawork and edit. Personally, I am very audience-focused, some of you might know my work that aims on creating all-senses-incorporating interaction with the viewer through live performance and/or video installations in controlled spaces that enhance the experience and interaction.To return to the initial starting point of this discussion: yes, I hope more video dance events will happen, hopefully more dance places, cinemas and co venues will promote and open their spaces to show this genre of film. Currently, the Edinburgh Festival is happening which offers opportunities for video dance presentations for example.My aim is to increase the possibilities of showing dance work. Together with curator Alexandra Ross, I set up the traveling exhibition The State of Play that mixes live performance, audience involvement and interactive video dance projection: info about this can be found on my website am also involved with the events of Iam-Digital that fuses live performance, video dance and live music. I just put together a 2min docu of the last event in May'08 on www.iam-digital.comMy latest video dance TRENCH was cut for the big screen were it works really well while it really loses it online would appreciate your feedbackIronically all is on youtube ;-)Best wishes and keep up the good workSabine
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