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Via DTW's site: As many of our readers know Jillian Peña, dancer/choreographer, was hit by a car in two and half weeks ago in Brooklyn, NY. Click here for more information about the accident. Since then she has been at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan. She was admitted with two hematomas in her head, underwent multiple surgeries, and is now progressively waking up from a coma. For more information about Jillian’s recovery visit the Friends of Jillian Pena blog. Unfortunately, as with so many artists and working people in this country, Jillian doesn’t have health insurance. The medical costs will be staggering. In addition, her parents have re-located here indefinitely from their home in New Mexico, and it will be a huge expense for them as well to stay in NY during Jillian’s rehabilitation. A paypal account has been set up to receive financial donations to alleviate the financial hardship that Jillian and her family are experiencing at this time. Please consider making a donation on her behalf. ANY amount, any number of times that you can give it, will be invaluable for her and for her family. I know this is hardly a time when people have extra cash, but please know that this donation will provide immediate and much needed assistance. No donation is too small or too large. To donate, go to and sign up for an account (takes literally about 2-3 minutes) and then go to the “Send Money” tab and make the donation to: Please consider making a donation on behalf of Jillian and her family today. This is an interview with Jillian at from April 2008:
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