Hello dance-techers,
Have your written some books, made movies or music that is available in amazon.com?
what books and movies do you recommended for our community...?

As you might have noticed we have an online-bookstore tab in the
menu.The Idea is to provide our member who are writers and film makers
the possibility of increase the sales of their authored material.


This on-line store is created in association with Amazon.com and
provides you with the same shopping experience you would receive
through the normal Amazon.com (soon to develop to serve the UK and
later for Germany)

If you buy products in our page, dance-tech.net will receive a
commission on all sales through our store. So, this is a way to help
the network and its projects (well we will have to sale a lot..!
Your items cost exactly the same and the range and features are no
different. In this store, when you are ready to finalize your purchase you will be
taken to Amazon.com to complete your transaction safely and securely.

I have created the on-line store and the idea is allow our community to purchase:

-Books and DVD's written by our members. I have created the initial pages with some books from members that I knew.
-Books and DVDs that are relevant and recommended by the community.
-Other items that are relevant for our community: game controllers, sensor systems, software, etc.

I would like to ask you send me your recommendations of your own books
(authored or published by you), books and DVD that you consider
necessary reading and inspiring, and of course other articles. The they
have to be available in amazon US and the UK.

Please, write a comment in this post with your recommendations or questions (name of the item and authors)


PS: more information soon about how to help dance-tech.net
E-mail me when people leave their comments –

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