Bethanien Kunstraum: a space for domesticated art

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Bethanien kunstraum in Berlin claims to be a space for the development of the arts in both, social and political ways. Unfortunately, the reality is different, and the artistic mission statement of the building has been hijacked by the house rules, the bouncer at the entrance and the commercial uses of the building, like the restaurant. During the 3 weeks of the workshop we were not allowed to exercise outside the studio and any attempt of bringing an artistic practice into the spaces of the building was immediately aborted by the bouncer considering us an obstacle in the building.

Bethanien, stagnated in absurd policies, is, as a cultural space, a big fallacy becoming a space for "domesticated and anecdotal" art, a tourist destination and an ice cream shop for the children from Kreuzberg.

This video was part of SMASH Berlin, intensive training in experimental physical performance. Workshop facilitated by Diego Agulló in collaboration with: Florencia Martina, Barbara Földesi, Lisa Stewart, Garazi Valmaseda, Cajsa Godée, Flurina Dominique, Julia Barrette- Laperriere, Katya Chizhayeva, Kiana rezvani, Lisa Stewart, Marc Saad, michael fleit, Noa Lara Meir, mathilde Strijdonk, Vilte viltimi , Sarah Klene, Prashant More , Casper-Malte, Sara Linck, Sonia Noya .

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