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The solos that I watched were a demonstration of how shapes, lines, and writing influence his work. The movement was very quick and it was hard to see the shapes within all the movement, so having it demonstrated through the editing was helpful. In the Uploaded videos, he explained how writing with the body is one method to displace one's self in choreography, and the video demonstrated in white what he was writing, and he showed two different ways of completing the movement. One traveled far, and one only moved a short distance, but both of these involved enough manipulation of the body that it seemed not like a choice to travel but a necessity to keep balance.

The second video was much about creating shapes from an internal place versus an outer place. He demonstrated "Drawing" a circle from the outside, and used white lines and circles to show that although the finger drew a circle, the arm created a cone. When he demonstrated drawing a circle from a more internal, center place, the white edited lines showed that the resulting shape was a cylinder. He used technology to distinguish between the two, because it may not have been clear otherwise.

The third video spoke about the use of lines and in order to create a line, you need two points. He went through a series of movements to demonstrate different potential for lines and used the white lines in the editing to make it clear what he was doing.

These are all abstract concepts, and the use of technology helped clarify what he was talking about since he was moving much to fast to really see the individual shapes. This is a great way to create movement for future choreography, and proved that the method doesn't have to be clear for it to be effective movement.

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