Comparing and Contrasting Videos

Videos:1.Her Morning Elegance: both these videos, each show a variety of different ideas in which I could approach my own video project. In Her Morning Elegance, the camera is set on the ceiling, looking down at the women. This approach was a good choice since the "dancer" is on a bed and on her side. This image appears to be more 2D instead of 3D. In Hurricane, the women dances on the bed as well, but she plays with levels.I would not use the ceiling approach if the dancer was playing in the upper levels because we would not be able to see all of the fine details with her face or core region. Her movements would not be as clear. If she would have done a back bend that would have been a good time to use the ceiling effect. Instead, in Hurricane they used shots that were looking up at her. They placed the camera on the floor and at eye level. Here I was able to see the dancers movement pattern. She used the walls as well on the sides of the bed. The camera would pan out slowly so we could see the entire picture. This effect was nice because it gave the video dynamic. In the other video, the camera did not pan in or out. The camera instead went quickly to the close ups of the women's face. This did not happen as often as the other video, Hurricane. The women in Her Morning Elegance only had one setting while in the other video, the women had two. The two settings in the Hurricane seemed like there were more because of how often the camera would change to another angle. The camera would follow the dancers movement.He would focus on her core point so her whole body was present in each frame. The camera was shaky in this video, while in Her Morning Elegance, the camera was sturdy the entire time and did not fidget. I think that it would have been too much to use creative techniques with the camera in Her Morning Elegance because of the non stop pixel captures. In this setting, the camera needed to be steady, where as in the Hurricane, the video seemed more abstract because of the cameras actions.
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