Julia Barnes viola player composer about the initiative: 

"Dear friends,

MAPA is a magnet for talent and dedicated theater makers, musicians and upcoming artistic directors who want to make a difference. This is a physical approach to learning, including building up the performance space, use of light as an integral element of performance, being involved in every aspect of creating and bringing performance to audience. For me as a performing musician seeking ways to bring music out of box to reach out to more people, the lessons have been exciting. As a teacher I value the interaction of all members of the group in looking at the whole–the whole composition, the connection with audience, the practical aspects. No divas here, but a group of talented performers who create together from their unique talents.
In supporting MAPA you support a growing collective of international artists who will use the skills they learn here to enrich the world, starting in Haarlem! The first gift they have given is redeeming a disused and neglected piece of property, making it into a beautiful podium and theater school.

My wishes for a beautiful holiday season and a good 2015,

Julia Barnes
ps if you are unable to be a sponsor, please send this on to someone who may be!"

Here is the link:  http://www.voordekunst.nl/vdk/project/view/1479-studio-mapa-nederland

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