1. Who, what, why, where, when, how, how much are you? Gather images ofyour grandparents and parents. Doctor them in Photoshop and ‘cartoonize’ programs. Start collectiveblog. Get/expand face book, flicker,you tube, second life, twitter, sketchup warehouse, and other select socialmedia sites. Pose on some of theseas another gender, race, class, nationality, or ghost/spirit/vampire/etc. Start comic life or comic bookmaker. Start your graphic novel.Collective topic: Vitalism contra Materialism. Keep a sketchbook. Open source software to download and touse: comic life, cartoonize, comicbook creator, onyx, audacity, sketchup, blender, processing, open cobalt, openoffice, pure data, gimp, imovie, windows media maker, audacity, gamer, drammatica,and others.

2. Interaction in art and tech! Why? Start your rant! Assignments due online! Adialog with sentience at the beginning and the end of the world. Post it on you tube. Start to turn the rant into a storywith a storyboard. Continue with the social media sites. Storyboard a sci-fi narrative about abiosphere in trouble. Make music!yes""> Study sketchup.

3. Liquid boundaries! Describe that! Continue to rant! Discuss storyboard in class. Music of the spheres! The virtual performer! Chart a map of your telepresent (fictional or non-fictional!) on a map. Fall in love! Savethe world! Visit visual complexityand complexification. Continuesci-fi story of biosphere. Placeyour family within it.

4. Liminal space! What does it mean to exist between? Start a fictitiousromance! Weave all of this intoyour graphic novel. Place personalphotos within the spaces of sketchup as a museum within the biosphere. Do the same on second life. Go to the woods with your digitalcamera. Find textures andsilence. Record this.

5. Collaborating on interactive works. Design and immersivetelepresnet space. Explore patchesin Max/jitter and Processing. Project works on colleagues. Work on a larger piece. Continue the blog and you tube.

6. Avatars! Design a sexy one (male, female, or other) and design theurban transport vehicle for living and moving for the avatar in sketchup. Place results on the sketchup warehouseand second life. Continue novel.

7. Why? Memes and Genes…is the real game Genes? Fold proteins on ‘fold it’. Design a sustainable society for yourfailing biosphere. Engage otherson the social media sites. Midtermperformance! TBD.

8. Where: the big urban planet sinking.yes""> Continue a rant on how to fix the global economy. Engage in skype with a ‘skypepal’. Engage in a conferenceprogram and a possible skype meeting of enemies.yes""> Continue novel and blog and formulate in a story.

9. The big city. The noosphere, the big brain.yes""> You are a part of a large, global telematic city and it issinking! Where are you going for aliving and a job? Who are yougoing to love and where will your genes going?yes""> Picture it. Design it. Draw it. Continue the graphic novel. Blog and vlog your head off.

10. Design the zero-distance space! The university of the future. Add as many human-computer interface devices as possible. Find andcollect all the beginning materials for a brain wave reader. Your assignment is to design an ‘anti-university’to make the present expensive university obsolete!yes""> Treasure hunt.

11. All the world is a stage: use the onstage/offstage metaphor to design the new media performance venue and lifestyle enhancement zone! Prepare some physical computingprojections and VJ programs with dancers and try them out! Continue rants, vlogs, blogs, andgraphic novel.

12. When? What is a time-based performance? Design some artistic program in film,sound, or other media for your smart phone.yes""> Play with time/space.yes""> Study quantum mechanics and physics. Where is time? Maps?yes""> Layout a psycho geography of your past and future time. Where is spectacle in time? Is spectacle obsolete?

13. The body and the verb. To do. Make. Work witha movement performer or athlete. Thehive and the outsider: are you theape in the ant heap? Go to thewoods or beach again at sunset. Describe, record sound, film, and photograph it. Compose this in a sound and real-timepiece.

14. The vital and the material. Are numbers stupid? The will as object and energy. Collaborate on the interactive performance for the media-club performance in NYC.yes""> Hack up, trick up wii, wii fit, joysticks, gyro mouse, irwebcam, braincap, and any other human computer interface. Make ‘future archeology’ of objects,verbs, films, insertions, interventions, and other ‘witnessing’ you will leavein the physical environment.

15. Make a straight, linear storytelling from your graphic novel. Then cutthat up. Add game elements, Do thesame about your life in the past 15 sessions.yes"">

16. Do the big show in the media club in NYC. Invite face book lurkers andthe press. Archive.

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