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GOLEM is a 30 minutes dance performance telling the story of artificial man. It is based on the use of advanced audiovisual technologies such as granular sound synthesis, real-time 3D environments and computer systems for capturing movement. The dancer becomes both on-the-fly choreographer and co-author of the sound composition. Through the dance movements he pilots the sound part as well as influences the virtual projected scenography. Credits: PAVEL SMETANA (CZ) - artistic director, LUKA PRINCIC (SI) - original electronic music, JURIJ KONJAR (SI) - dancer & musical performer, MICHAL MÁŠA (CZ) - motion capture & 3D, STEPHANE KYLES (FR/USA) - production & light design, ROMAIN SENATORE (FR) & QUENTIN DESTIEU (FR) - video creation, JAN ŠEBEK (CZ) - technical production. Since the early 1990s Pavel Smetana has been artistically experimenting in the field of digital interactive media, creating installations “The Room of Desires”, “The Mirror”, “ The Cyber-Portrait of Dorian Gray” and “Lilith”. Since 2003 he directed several multimedia performances, interconnecting computer science, contemporary dance and game technologies. During the past ten years he served as a Professor of 3D, VR and Art at the arts academy in Aix-en-Provence, France, and the director of international festival ENTERmultimediale (2000, 2005) and ENTER (2007, 2009) held in Prague. He is director of CIANT, presently involved in brain-computer interface technology research, development and experimentation. Luka Prinčič (SI) is a musician, sound designer and media artist. He has participated in a number of sound-music and multimedia projects. In addition to publishing web albums, he has been active in Ljudmila and Kiberpipa and is the administrator of, an art-server/community. Prinčič is the author of audio-visual and electro-acoustic performances and multimedia actions in physical and mental-emotional spaces (Music for Hard Disks; Retrospections: MayaDeren; Waves in public: Squares). As a sound designer and adviser, he collaborates with artists, activists and producers of festivals and conferences at home and abroad (Eclipse, Neven Korda, Jodi Rose, Borut Savski, Luka Dekleva, Galerija Kapelica, MFRU, Netmage08, EMAF07, Device_art, Moderna galerija…). His work focuses on personally reflective and socially critical use of new technologies within contemporary audio-visual contexts. Most of his work is based on hacker ethics and DIY philosophy. Currently, he is most interested in the intersection of subjectivity, techno-science, net culture, AV-media and sound. Jurij Konjar (SI) is a contemporary dancer who regularly practices various aspects of the profession. Besides moving and performing continuously, he directs his own work and is involved in other independent creations as a freelance artist. He gives classes and workshops of contemporary dance techniques for professionals, as well as non-professional youth and adults in a frame of various education projects. - The performance was created, presented, and documented in the framework of IMMEDIATE, CO-ME-DI-A and CASPAR co-production projects and initiatives.
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  • Yes Marlon I was there too. I thought the whole mysterious journey through the uncompleted building to reach the performance space was so evocative. The single light bulb in the concrete room as we all gathered followed by a stunning performance is my most memorable image of the festival.
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