Evolving Together: The New Era of Dance-tech.net

 Berlin, April 10th 2024

Hello to all members of the Dance-tech.net family and enthusiasts of the digital dance realm,

As we look back on the remarkable journey that Dance-tech.net has undertaken since its inception in October 2007, it's thrilling to consider the path that lies ahead. Born from a vision to blend the realms of dance, technology, and digital culture, Dance-tech.net has grown into a vibrant community of artists, technologists, and scholars who share a passion for pushing the boundaries of what's possible in art and technology.

A Vision Expanded

Dance-tech.net has always been more than a platform; it's a living, breathing ecosystem that thrives on collaboration, innovation, and exploration. Our mission has led us to foster an environment where new ideas can flourish, where the intersection of movement and technology sparks creative fires.

Our Supportive Partners

As we embark on this next chapter, we're excited to announce the support of key partners who share our commitment to innovation and education in the realms of dance and technology. Lake Studios Berlin (lakestudiosberlin.com) continues to be a steadfast supporter, providing a space where artists and technologists can converge and create.

Radiona (radiona.org), with its dedication to open community and innovation, aligns with our vision of a collaborative future.

Furthermore, we're establishing special educational partnerships with leading organizations in the AI space: Hugging Face (huggingface.co) and Fal.ai (fal.ai/dashboard). These collaborations are set to enrich our community's understanding and application of AI in dance and performance, marking a significant leap forward in our collective exploration of digital technology.

Looking Forward

This next phase for Dance-tech.net is not just about growth; it's about deepening our engagement with the digital world and its potential to transform dance and artistic expression. We are standing at the threshold of a new era, ready to explore the possibilities of movement, embodiment, cognition and digital technology with a special focus on AI's role in redefining these domains.

An Invitation to Explore | Helps us  with new directions...

This journey would not be possible without you, our community. Your curiosity, passion, and creativity have been the driving force behind Dance-tech.net's evolution. As we move forward, I invite you to join us in this exciting new phase. Let's continue to challenge the boundaries of dance and technology, together. Let me know in the comments how do you feel about these new and how can we reacticate the community and these exciying filed of inquiry.

Warm regards,

Marlon Barrios Solano Curator | Dance-tech.net and Movimiento.org 


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