2012/2/6 F wrote :

Dear Emmelie, 

thank you for the lovely hours, the whole encounter was very inspiring,

I will def come back to the book, but not right now. I will take my time and see how a new performance will work. 

But I know already that the emphasis on reception (a word i never really cherished until this weekend) really struck me in its effects - especially in a ‘dance’ mixed with people from other diciplines-context. It seems almost that dance is so much about doing, that it is still hard to be actively passive with dance or physicality. 

Also the moment with Julian and the girl who’s name i forgot, being hesitant to move with the script (although of course it was the challenge to not move upon any script at all outside the inner body - the intimacy of the reader you indicated a few times also meant a lot to me) struck me, as if dance needs an allowance, an approval, is not a tool, like the writers wrote and i guess a musician would have taken his instrument and think through it …

anyway, many issues surfacing, great work you do telling al these apart and keep them at close hand at the same time, really wonderful


a bientôt, j’espère, warm regards, fransien

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