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Feedback culture in artistic circles and practices is increasingly growing and changing; many methods have been developed, adapted and modified in order to essentially support the creative process and realisation of a work. We are seeing ever more formats that open up the rehearsal process to receive feedback and communicate with audiences in a manner that goes beyond the known artist talk. Also within artistic education contexts, the desire is mounting for more quality-structured feedback that can guide students in both a critical and reflective way through their creative endeavours. Feedback is everywhere, and as a means to reflect, gather and share resources and methods on this expanding field the “Laboratory on Feedback in artistic processes” was initiated within the frame of “Teachback” – one of the modules of the project "Life Long Burning"in collaboration with HZT Berlin (Inter-University Centre for Dance) and Uferstudios Berlin.

The lab, held between 17th  and 19th  January 2014, invited a group of people who shared an interest in the topic. Over the two and a half days the group practiced, articulated and discussed different approaches, aims and experiences of existing methods of feedback. The idea was that a number of feedback-methods should be applied and tried out within the lab, as opposed to merely remaining on a theoretical discursive level.

Some of the questions that the meeting focused on were: What are the pitfalls of feedback? Where does it go wrong or become enforced? How to avoid feedback being a fashionable thing to do? How do we learn, improve and widen our means of giving and receiving feedback? How is this implemented in art practice and education today? How can the expertise and practise of feedback be passed on and grow, and what differences does it make, giving and receiving feedback depending of the perspective you take: for example as an artist, as a student, as an educator or a curator?

Here you can listen to the audio documentation of each contribution during the lab:

Siegmar Zacharias

Charlotte Vandevyver

Emma Tricard

Nik Haffner

Inge Koks and Frederik Le Roy

Britta Wirthmüller

Allison Peacock and Charlotte Vandevyver

Frank Bock

Jörg Koslowsky

Eva Meyer-Keller

Dejan Sr


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