How To Get An Extra Help In Learning

Ask for advice from the instructor. If you really work to improve the assessment, but do not see any progress, try to talk to your teacher. Make an appointment after school or during recess and the teacher explain the problem: you're trying to improve the assessment, and many do write the lectures, but this came to nothing lead. The teacher will help you find your weak areas and give advice on how to overcome this problem.

Look for online tools. These tools will help you to understand the studied material. You can simply join online communities (groups), studying the material that you do not understand, or you can open Web sites specifically designed to help students (students). But remember that you're not just looking for an answer (to copy), and want to understand the material, to gain knowledge and improve the assessment. Here are some useful sites:


Ask about additional work. If you persevere and demonstrate that you really changed your approach to learning, ask the teacher to give you an extra job, or even a special project (such as coursework). This will help you fix a bad score, obtained by you earlier.
Be sure to explain to the teacher that you come to the training very seriously. Many teachers do not like to give out additional tasks (and to put additional value), but he / she is likely to sympathize with you, if you realize that you really wish to improve your score and get knowledge.

Hire a tutor. If you find it hard to study, hire a tutor (ask your teacher for advice about where you can find the tutor). Tutor - is not an admission that you are given by study and learning tool, like textbooks. Any student that does not understand, so arm yourself with all available tools to overcome this obstacle.

Study the material in groups. When you study a subject together with other people, you are joining forces to better understand it. You can check notes and discussing the material studied, which could result in better learning. But remember, working with other people, to spread to the full; otherwise, no one wants to deal with you.

Immerse yourself in context. If you transfer training in virtual reality or dive into the context to visualize the material under study, it will help you better learn the subject. Find a way to study the subject in view of reality (or virtual world), and you get the opportunity to study the subject quite differently.
For example, seeing the real thing in the historical museum, you better grasp of history. Or, instead of reading about physics experiments, perform them in reality.


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