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XTH Sense™ -- the world’s first biocreative instrument and next evolution in sensory expression -- is LIVE on Kickstarter TODAY.

The XTH Sense combines a wireless biowearable, its companion XTH Software Suite and the XTH Hub, our community platform.

Using multiple biophysical sensors, the XTH Sense captures various sounds from your body, such as muscles contracting, blood flowing, the heart beating, as well as your motion data and temperature. These sounds and data represent your expressive signature.

With the XTH Software Suite you can use your expressive signature to control musical parameters, create digital drawings, interact with game mechanics and play in virtual reality (VR). We call it biocreative interaction.

LINK: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1814357959/xth-sensetm-the-worlds-first-biocreative-instrumen

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