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4th modul-dance conference at Tanzhaus NRW

4th modul-dance conference What do you want to share with others?Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf4-6 September 2013

Three years after the EU project modul-dance has started the directors of almost all dance houses from Europe and more than 50 artists and dance companies meet at Tanzhaus NRW in Düsseldorf. The modul-dance conference concentrates at perspectives of networking and internationally based collaborations. Planned as an “open space”, the conference features a program of lectures, thematic discussion panels, lecture demonstrations, presentations, showings and an ongoing forum. The program is completed by evening performances of modul-dance artists, curated by Tanzhaus nrw.

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Second part of CoFestival in Ljubljana

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The second part of CoFestival will take place between 21 and 27 September 2013. This second round of the festival organized by Kino Šiška Ljubljana will be launched by the 3D film PINA by the German cineaste Wim Wenders, a sensitive homage to the unforgettable dancer and choreographer Pina Bausch. The film will be followed by the already traditional FičoDrom, intended for everybody who misses opportunities to dance.

Programme highlights include the first public presentation of Jurij Konjar’s piece Still (23 Sep at 9pm, Kino Šiška), the show Au contraire (based on Jean-Luc Godard) by the prize-winning Geneva-based artist Foofwa d’Imobilité (24 Sep at 9pm, Stara mestna Elektrarna), The Seagull directed by Tomi Janežič and produced by Novi Sad Serbian National Theatre (25 Sep and 26 Sep at 6pm, Kino Šiška). All shows will be followed by artist talks.

The Festival also promises the Vertigo dance workshop run by Eduardo Torroja, a member of the renowned Belgian group Ultima Vez, a research-art project of the Frankfurt-based dancer and choreographer Lili Mihajlović, and visiting artist Antje Pfundtner.

During the festival, the daily programme will be complemented by the festival team joined by many international artists having a go at The Art of Co-Living, a programme running in the Museum of Contemporary Arts as part of the Triennial of Contemporary Art.

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Modul-dance festival at Hellerau

Hellerau festival 2013

This is the second time that HELLERAU-European Center for the Arts will be putting on show the signature styles of up-and-coming European choreographers. The festival will be presenting both finished works and some which are still being created, with lectures, workshops and a wide range of films rounding off the programme.


The modul-dance projects programmed are:

Marcos Morau/La Veronal, Siena. 13/9/13 - 14/9/13

A woman looks at a Titian painting. A man stands at the door watching the woman look at the paiting. Who sees whom? What is art and how do we look at art? Siena investigates the constant human need for self-observation.

Agata Maszkiewicz, Duel. Work-in-progress showing. 13/9/13 - 14/9/13

Imagine a world in which every conflict is resolved as a duel; every argument is a matter of life and death; every presidential candidate puts their life at risk. In Duel, two dancers face one another and act out a series of confrontations.

Marie-Caroline Hominal, Froufrou. Work-in-progress showing. 19/9/13

The works of Marie-Caroline Hominal revolve around ideas of identity, transformation and anonymity. Her new project Froufrou investigates multiple identities and the question of how these identities are revealed and passed from one person to another.

Patricia Apergi/Aerites Dance Company, Planites. 20/9/13 - 21/9/13

The collective mind and body of the city provides the raw materials for the this work. Here, these elements have been re-evaluated so that the concept of wandering aimlessly in the streets (drifting) also applies to strangers, immigrants, people who travel for pleasure or because they have no other choice. This is a very physical dance, full of emotion.

The modul-dance artists Antje Pfundtner and Marie-Caroline Hominal will be also performing Tim Acy and BAT. The programme also includes two days of ShortDanceFilms sessions curated by Núria Font-NU2's.

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Ben Riepe's "Hundstage"

Ben Riepe's Hundstage was the first project to be premiered within the framework of modul-dance. It was acclaimed by audiences and the media alike.

This piece, for seven performers, deals with existential questions: What is left when what is real presents itself in all its artificially? When does the cynical distance to the world lose its protective smile?

Ben J. Riepe has created complex arrangements, which are defined by, on the one hand, a precise choreographic management of space, time and movement and, on the other, by the individual improvisational creativity of the performers.

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