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My screendance work "freedom" made in South Africa has been invited by the Africa in Motion Festival to be screened at the end of October. It will also be screened on the BBC Big Screens to be broadcast on their UK-wide screens.

Individualisation is a condition of freedom -- "the condition of seeing the world as it really is." Ivor Chipkin (2007). "freedom", half interview half dance video, explores five female South Africans dancers grappling with the notions of freedom, authenticity and democracy.

Format: DVD PAL, 16:9
Length: 15'00"
Date: 2008

Jeannette Ginslov
Jeannette Ginslov
Assistant editor
Julian Thomas
Adam Bentel
James Webb
Choreography in collaboration with the dancers
Tercia Alexander
Vishanthi Arumugam
Penni Ho Hin
Zoey Lapinsky
Portia Mashego
Assistant on set Eric Dube
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Screen Moves

Launch: 18h00, 18 March 2010

At: DanseHallerne – Copenhagen Denmark

Curators: Jeannette Ginslov & Maia Sørensen

"Whose lens are we looking through?"

Representation of Politics - Politics of Representation.

Screendance works from Africa selected by dance video makers Jeannette Ginslov and Maia Sørensen. A discussion and presentation after the showing will be broadcast live on MoveStream, a co-production with www.dance-tech.net and Walking Gusto Productions.


Walking in Plastic 2009 07’39 (South Africa) Kai Lossgott - Director

Nora 2008 35’00 (Zimbabwe) Alla Kovgan & David Hinton – Directors

Sanctum I 08’ 43 (Africa)

Jeannette Ginslov – Director, choreographer & editor

Exotica 2009 05:10 (Mozambique)

Sergio Cruz – Director, camera, editor and sound designer

Sanctum II 2009 04’45 (Africa)

Jeannette Ginslov Director, choreographer & editor

Karohano 2008 08’55 (South Africa & Madagascar)

Jeannette Ginslov – Director, camera & editor

Despotica 2008 20’00 (South Africa)

Mlu Zondi – Concept & performance. Video Loop on TV monitor outside.

Two minutes before we went up we found out we got funding from the Danish Arts Council!

The discussion that followed the screening will be posted onto movetream next week as well as interviews with the video dance makers.

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Dance Video Screenings

Screenings of dance videos made 2008-2009

Karohano - 26 Feb DesArts Aften Gallopperiet, Christiania, Cph, DK

Sanctum II & Karohano - 18 Mar, Screen Moves, DanseHallerne, Cph, DK

CoNCrEte – 21-25 April moves10:Framing Motion, Liverpool UK

Sanctum I & II, CoNCrEte and Karohano - 29 April, Dansens Dag, Cinematheque,

Danish Film Institute, Cph, DK

Sanctum I – in May for South African Cinema at the BFI South Bank, London, UK

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