||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||XingpresentsNetmage 09international live-media festival - 9th edition22>24 January 2009Bologna - Italy|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||The ninth edition of the Netmage festival (Bologna, 22-24 January 2009) will present, in the historical castle of Palazzo Re Enzo, an unpredictable scenario of contemporary audiovisual research featuring live media, live cinema, concerts, performances, sound and visual installations.Netmage festival, focusing on multi-media design, electronic arts and cutting-edge style, works as a meeting point for video-makers, multi-media and visual artists, musicians and performers from Europe, South and North America and Asia. In its ongoing investigation, Netmage presents some of the latest trends in live media. Together with research on essential aspects of perception and the intersection of visual and acoustic phenomena, the festival introduces a very wide range of approaches.Featuring: Pete Swanson/John Wiese/Liz Harris (USA), Pierre Bastien (F), ATAK NIGHT: Keiichiro Shibuya (JP), Evala (JP), Growing (USA), Keiji Haino (JP), Invernomuto (I), Sunburned Hand of the Man (USA), Emeralds (USA), Németh/Lotte Schreiber (A), Andrea Dojmi/Flushing Device (I), Mudboy (USA), Black Dice (USA), The Skaters/Roland Lethem (USA/B), Pascal Battus/Kamel Maad (F), Mattin/" " [sic] Goldie (Basque Country/UK), Thomas Ankersmit/Valerio Tricoli (NL/I), Virgilio Villoresi/Dominique Vaccaro/Angstarbeiter (I), Camilla Candida Donzella (I), Bock & Vincenzi (UK).Introducing Netmage 09: "A bizarre ballad. At times ethereal, dispersive and alarmed, at others self-assured and ready to slow down only in front of the rustling of the unexpected, marching toward the invisible village where the imagination is spiced and smoked. Always think of Netmage as a liquid exhibition. In a delicate equilibrium between post-cinematographic horizons and science-fiction worlds, obsessive explorations of the rhythms of the urban landscape, mesmerism and re-enactments of myths of European avantgarde cinematography, unpredictable contours are drawn by a sonic cloud of weird-impro-psycho-noise. A cloud where artistic imagination and changing vaporous visuals are reflected: collagist and regressive, heraldic and quaint, vernacular and hybrid, or in the end cybernetic e concretist. Netmage 09 triggers artistic collaborations and possible collapses of style of contiguous worlds between the north American, Japanese, European and in particular Italian scenes, as well as a general pushing of limits. This edition also testifies to another mutation in progress: a return to the physicality of gesture and figure moved by real 'operators': human or automatic performers, with visual power and rituals that explore the relationship between the language of movement and the enigma of the image. Lower medieval imageries and crime scenes -extravagant yet crucial- through which it is unavoidable to testify to the renunciation of every central vision."Netmage festival was conceived and created by Xing, a cultural network operating in Italy and abroad, with the purpose of planning, supporting and promoting products and events characterized by an interdisciplinary approach toward the issues of contemporary culture.Artistic direction: Daniele Gasparinetti, Andrea Lissoni. Performing Arts: Silvia Fanti. International Live-Media Floor: Lino Greco, Riccardo Benassi.Netmage 09 is supported by: Regione Emilia-Romagna, POGAS Politiche Giovanili e Attività Sportive, Comune di Bologna, British Council London, Ambasciata del Regno dei Paesi Bassi Roma. In collaboration with: Transmediale Club Berlino, No Fun festival New York. In occasion of: ArteFiera. Media partners: Mousse, Edizioni Zero, Blow Up, Mouvement, Alias, Il Manifesto, Città del Capo-Radio Metropolitana, Mel Bookstore.Netmage 09venue: Palazzo Re Enzo - Piazza Nettuno Bologna - Italyheadquarters: Xing - Via Ca' Selvatica 4/d Bologna - Italyinfo: tel ++39.051.331099 info@xing.it info@netmage.itpress: pressoff@xing.itwww.netmage.it www.xing.it|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||PROGRAMThursday 22 JanMesmerizing Show (Performing Arts)8 pmBock & Vincenzi (UK) The Infinite Pleasures of the Great UnknownMegascope9 pm + 11 pmVirgilio Villoresi/Dominique Vaccaro/Angstarbeiter (I) EclissiMangrovia10.30 pmCamilla Candida Donzella (I)Pete Swanson/John Wiese/Liz Harris (USA)Emeralds (USA)Keiji Haino (JP)Friday 23 JanMesmerizing Show (Performing Arts)8 pmBock & Vincenzi (UK) The Infinite Pleasures of the Great UnknownMegascope9 pm + 11 pmVirgilio Villoresi/Dominique Vaccaro/Angstarbeiter (I) EclissiLive Media Floor10.30 pmPierre Bastien (F) Kinetic SyncopatorsThe Skaters (USA) play Le Vampire de la Cinémathèque by Roland Lethem (B)Growing (USA)ATAK NIGHT: Keiichiro Shibuya (JP), Evala (JP)Mangrovia12 pmVillage ObliviaInvernomuto (I) with Sunburned Hand of the Man (USA)Saturday 24 JanMesmerizing Show (Performing Arts)9 pmBock & Vincenzi (UK) The Infinite Pleasures of the Great UnknownMegascope9 pm + 11 pmVirgilio Villoresi/Dominique Vaccaro/Angstarbeiter (I) EclissiLive Media Floor10 pmNémeth (A) plays I.E., Domino by Lotte Schreiber (A)Andrea Dojmi/Flushing Device (I) The Distance to the SunMudboy (USA)Black Dice (USA)Mangrovia12 pmCamilla Candida Donzella (I)Pascal Battus/Kamel Maad (F) EyearMattin/" " [sic] Goldie (Basque Country/UK) Deflag Haemorrhage/Haien KontraThomas Ankersmit/Valerio Tricoli (NL/I)AAVV jam session (Mangrovia/Live Media Floor all guests plug-in)||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
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