NEW INTERNET Participation makes the site Asynchronous and synchronous interaction Community of Practice process, process, process Why dance? Dance and Technologies? Techne/skill: cognition Networked knowledge: LISA NELSON, ALVA NOE AND WILLIAM FORSYTHE Interdisciplinary performance of motion Bottom-up approaches? 2.0 = prosumer...lean forward Rich multimedia social network 1200+ international members >1500 pages views a day. Knowledge backbone: interviews 85+ Sustainable: internet native/skyped On-LINE VIDEO ALL THE WAY Dance-techTV and channel network: Collaborative Broadcasting Partnership with Mogulus 12 channels for members+ Organizations as active members of the community: engaged contributors Trade of benefits of membership. Modeling sustainability: if I can do it you can do it. Self interviews, emergent correspondents, co-producers Collaborative Creativity: On line collaborative editing Partnership with kaltura Meta-Networks: partnership with in Spanish/Portuguese. Media/communication Research Residencies: TMA Hellerau/ETP, STEIM and Gilles Jobin Company RELATIONAL INTERVENTION IN THE SYSTEM OF DISTRIBUTION OF KNOWLEDGE Contesting boundaries: bodies, countries, languages, technologies disciplines and notions of consumer/producer Intervention in TELE
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