Sex, digital technology, indescribable variations of gender identity, and a party atmosphere which demands of the guests to be at ease with nudity, sex and a general laissez-faire, n’ importe quoi, joie de vivre? It could be just another night in any Berlin club worthy of its name, if not for the chance of starring in a movie that combines the meta-modern doomed replicants-in-love scenarios of Blade Runner, the anarchic humor of a John Waters DIY opera buffa, and the ornate gender semiotics usually decorating the baroque queer-theory of Judith Butler.

Tomorrow, at Mindpirates, at the Fluid: the movie open casting call, Taiwanese-American experimental filmmaker Shu Lea Cheang is seeking “gender-fluid humans and non-humans who can act, suck, jerk, fuck, eject and get on a virtual high”. If you’ve watched his previous saga, I.K.U, which was the first pornographic film to be screened at the Sundance Film festival, you will be familiar with the plot concept for his next sex-in-the-age-of-biotechnology epic: set in a post-AIDS future, it’s about a mutant generation of Zero-Gens who are bio-carriers of Delta, a white, fluid, sexual-ecstasy-inducing drug and thus are hunted by multi-national corporations, new age drug lords, and all sorts of bizarre characters eager to satisfy the most post-human of kinks. Producer Jürgen Brüning and casting director will be present, so Email them your CV to register.

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