Shadows of Angels Dance Company has.....

A COMMISSION. Geez Louise its been awhile since I've said that. I am happy and excited, but also more than a little scared right now. Some of you who are in the scene 1-for the money, 2-for the show etc. may say: whats the big honkin' deal, my company gets 3 commissions every 6 do you think I put bread on the table?? Well its been about 11 years since I've actually been asked to come up with something FOR someone, as opposed to coming up with something just for the love of the game.So where is that line between fulfilling your own needs of expression and fulfilling the needs of your client? Is it a line, or is it a grey area? Or should there be no line at all with unconditional committment? This will be (re)investigated.Details and footage to come.
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