TELEMATIC INTERACTIVE DANCE INSTALLATIONS & PERFORMANCES SIMULTANEOUSLY IN FOUR NET-CONNECTED EUROPEAN CITIES WATCH VIDEOS ABOUT THIS PROJECT 3 to 6 December 2009 03.12 - 20'00 Performance 21'00-23'00 - Installation 04.12 - 20'00 Performance 21'00-23'00 Installation 05.12 - 11'00-18'00 Installation 20'00-21'00 Performance 21'00-23'00 Installation 06.12 - 11'00-18'00 Installation SIMULTANEOUS SITES OF THE PERFORMANCES AND INSTALLATIONS: DRESDEN (Alemania): TMA - Cynetart - FestspielHaus Hellerau MADRID (España): REVERSO - MNCARS PRAGA (República Checa): CIANT - Animation Academy NORRKÖPING (Suecia): BITNET - Louis De Geer Concert Hall With the CYNETart Festival in 2008 the Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau (TMA) together with their partners from Madrid, Norrköping and Prague launched the project »European Tele-Plateaus – Transnational Sites of Encounter and Co-Production«. This network of virtual environments is based on the conceptual and practical activities that the TMA has been pursuing for many years and will be supported by the European Union through the year 2010. The project aims at creating publicly accessible virtual sites of sound and vision. By providing a virtual environment these spaces allow sensory-physical interactions over long distances in realtime. The visitors’ physical activities are linked and embedded in a trans-local virtual environment. Thus, so-called hyper-sites emerge which integrate various locally significant visual and sound processes via the internet. The concept of Tele-Plateaus intends to encourage interdisciplinary and intercultural ways of thinking and working as well as new forms of cross-border communication and co-operation. Tele-Plateaus is an international initiative planned to run through 2010 with an aim to create publicly accessible networked audiovisual sites. The main objective is to make possible and support real-time sensory-physical interactions of people over long distances. Therefore, we work to establish a permanent network allowing for direct audiovisual real-time interactions between similarly configured public sites and performance stages across Europe. Tele-Plateaus is composed, controlled and structured by movements of people from different cities. Within these networked stages and sites people from Dresden, Madrid, Norrköping, and Prague (among the first connected cities) can dance and play together. They can simultaneously create pictures, sounds, and light effects by means of their own movements without operating any additional interfaces. The shared virtual hyper-site is based on the generation of data that is available for processing to all computers within a common network. Movement parameters (speed, spatial position, etc.) are captured and digitalised by camera-based motion system and exchanged between computers at distant locations with a technically similar configuration. At concrete sites the numerically coded movement parameters are creatively transformed into audiovisual outputs and processes. Tele-Plateaus ultimately provides accessible environments for live telematic artistic performances and other collaborative activities. The project is co-financed by Culture 2007 Programme of the European Union for the period 2008-2010. Project is led by TMA | Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau ( in co-operation with the Hellerau - European Center for the Arts, and is jointly produced with CIANT Prague (CZ,, REVERSO Madrid (ES,, and bitnet Norrköping (SE, Project Partners:: REVERSO - Madrid - ES - TMA - Hellerau- DE - CIANT - Prague - CZ - BitNet - Norrköping - SE - http://bnp.s Media Partner:: Marlon Barrios Solano - Synopsis: ETP_body-spaces09 – Exploration of Near & Distance is an experimental performance of four dancers with simultaneous actions in Dresden, Prague, Madrid and Norrköping. The interactive environment is web-linked and divided into four parts. Each part is bound to explore the relationship between proximity and distance in different ways within net-linked virtual environments. – Part I: body-visiting of Madrid – Part II: re-body-spaces – Part III: bodies & languages – Part IV: body-instruments
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