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Metabody_Toulouse 2016

1509-metabody-forum-web-30.jpgFriday, September 30, 2016, Quai de Savoirs, Toulouse, in the frame of the European Researchers’ Night, 6-12 pm

Dance, visual arts, music, digital arts, non verbal communication, architecture

In 2016 Metabody_Toulouse invites in the city three european partners.

The Quai des Savoirs organises the event in the frame of the European Researchers’ Night.

K Danse and the Quai des Savoirs organize, in this context, a complete program of performances, installations, concerts, meetings and micro workshops. (see detailed programme).

METABODY is a European project that questions the homogenisation of expressions induced by current information and control technologies, which place unprecedented threats to plurality and to fundamental rights and freedoms by reducing all our actions to predictable behaviours, and proposes to reinvent them highlighting the role and diversity of embodied expression through a new concept of interactive architecture that transforms in all its physical and digital aspects, constituting dynamic, participatory and performative environments for outdoors and indoors, an emergent and indeterminate space, a METATOPIA.
METABODY is a project supported by the European Commission (2013-2016) and the participation of numereous partners in 10 countries, coordinated by Reverso (Spain).

Video of Metabody_Toulouse 2015 (Science Animation)

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Phi - StratoFyzika 5' video documentation

5' documentation of Phi as performed at the end of the"Technology, the Body, and Choreography" TroikaTronix (Isadora ) sponsored Lake Studios Berlin Residency, July 2016 at Uferstudios.Isadora has been used for lighting and projectors controls as well as for a/v sync. The lights sequencing follows a score created by analysing movement dynamics patterns through X-io sensors. As this performance was the outcome of the Troikatronix funded residency at Lake Studios Berlin, we plan to dive deeper into interactivity and create the score patterns live, based on bodies movements and their phasing in and out . I am particularly interested in looking at the difference values between the two sensors being worn by one dancer each, and see if we can use that variance.More on and

Phi - StratoFyzika from AlessandraLeone on Vimeo.

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