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Call for professional choreographers, dance companies and directors who want to participate in the Video Dance Showcase, to be held in Almada - Portugal, between September 19 to October 6, 2024.

The Video Dance Showcase is a section of the Quinzena de Dança de Almada - International Dance Festival, this year in the 32nd edition.

- The organisation will assure the conditions for the presentation of the selected pieces, being responsible for the programming and promotion of the presentations.

- The organisation will provide space and technical conditions for the presentation of selected videos.

- The organisation will be allowed to record and photograph the event and use excerpts of the pieces for promotion, archive, and educational purposes.

- The organisation will choose the location and time of presentation, within the duration of the festival.

- The authors are invited to attend the screening and participate in the presentation if they have the possibility to be present.

The submitted proposals must be:

- Works of Video Dance with a duration of 8 minutes or less.

- Presented by video directors, choreographers, dance companies or other institutions that hold the rights of presentation (proof of author's permission for presentation in the festival must be sent if the application is approved).

Online application form available here:

Dealine for applications: 8 April 2024

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12383722686?profile=RESIZE_180x180Hello Dance and Tech for ever lovers,

Natalya Velikanova, digital artist, and myself are creating a new digital hub called Novatopia (, based in Toulouse, France.

We offer workshops and residencies on VR, AI and dance.

Please find the program in the site itself. Sorry it is not yet translated in English.

Novatopia: Digital Hub Toulouse, Occitania, and more to come ….A new time-space where artistic and technological innovation meet to create a limitless creative lanscape, paving the way to the expression of new digital forms and immersive experiences in Toulouse and in its proximity.
Co created with @nataliya.velykanova (@gate22official)
It would be a pleasure to meet with you in some of the events ….
#workshop #conference #creation #art #dance #performance #music #AI #Toulouse #Novatopia

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Inspired by Nahuel: Marlon Barrios Solano delves into generative design and human-computer interaction at Lake Studio Berlin, inspired by Nahuel Gerth's innovative approaches. Read more

Meta-fictions: Entangled with Odd Kins: Reflect on the interplay between dance, AI, and narrative in Marlon Barrios Solano's latest project, showcasing unpredictable artistic evolution. Explore further

Unfinished Fridays #106: Don't miss a unique evening at Lake Studios Berlin on February 23rd, 2024, featuring new works by resident artists and special guests. Details here

Sacred Economics (2019 Remix): Engage with Charles Eisenstein's ideas on transforming our economic systems towards sustainability, presented in a thought-provoking remix. Watch now

Poetics of Encryption Exhibition 24: Visit KW Institute for Contemporary Art from February 17 to May 26, 2024, for an exhibition exploring digital tools, secrecy, and the cultural implications of technology through the work of over 40 international artists. Learn more

Stay informed and inspired with this week's selection of engaging events and exhibitions!


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Inspired by Nahuel

Immersing myself in this residency at  Lake Studio Berlin, I have been inpired by the young designer and creative coder Nahuel Gerth. Based in Prague, he is not just a designer, but a visual storyteller, playfully weaving together the threads of science, arts, technology,  with  the laguage and tools of generative design. I am inspired by his passion for innovation and playfullness, while exploring  the boundaries of human-computer interaction and design.


Nahuel is also a new member.



Dancing Team

Digital Twin

Nahuel, plays with  form, code, and emboiment. He uses procesural design for the web as a medium of art and playfully expands interaction with elegamt design. Visit  Nahuel's Website and follow his journey on Instagram @NahuelGerth.

🖌️ Contrast and Identity 🖌️

One facet of Nahuel's work that profoundly resonates with me is the stark contrast it presents between the materiality of emboiment and slick graphic dynamic 2D design. He juxtaposes algorythmic design with the material reality of embodiment. This interplay between Nahuel's digital geometies and my corporeal existence creats a compelling narrative tension. 


impossible simplicity
Day 2 AIR Lake Studios Berlin
Concept, programming, video and performance by Marlon Barrios Solano

🎨  Residency Experiences 🎨

t Lake Studio Berlin, my residency immerses me in a world where art and technology seamlessly blend to create a new frontier of expression. Armed with tools like p5.js and MediaPipe, coupled with the flexibility of web-based platforms, I sculpt interactive, generative environments that transcend traditional boundaries. These digital dances, born from code and creativity, exist as fluid experiences accessible to all, embodying the inclusive spirit of open-source technology.

Through my exploration, I strive to foster collaboration and inclusivity within the artistic community. Every keystroke and algorithmic tweak represents not just artistic creation, but also a commitment to sharing knowledge and insights. The LapTop Dances Prototype, a culmination of concept, programming, and performance, serves as a tangible manifestation of this ethos.

As I delve into realms of creative coding, machine learning, and generative AI, both in text and image, I anticipate the evolution of participatory performances that blur the lines between the digital and physical realms. Stay tuned for updates as I unveil the results of this exploration within the Laptop Dances | Soft Spaces project.

For ongoing research and developments, visit Marlon Barrios Solano's website.


 the body of the text
LapTop Dances Prototype
Concept, programming and performance by Marlon Barrios Solano
Code and live app here:
7th day of AIR at @lakestudiosberlin

In this residency I am researching creative coding, machine learning, generative AI  (text and image) and participatiry improvisational performance.

I will be presenting some of tis reserach very soon and it is part of the project Laptop Dances | Soft Spaces.

#ArtAndTechnology #GenerativeArt #DigitalSculpture #InteractiveArt #CreativeJourney #dancetech


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