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Inspired by Nahuel

Immersing myself in this residency at  Lake Studio Berlin, I have been inpired by the young designer and creative coder Nahuel Gerth. Based in Prague, he is not just a designer, but a visual storyteller, playfully weaving together the threads of science, arts, technology,  with  the laguage and tools of generative design. I am inspired by his passion for innovation and playfullness, while exploring  the boundaries of human-computer interaction and design.


Nahuel is also a new member.



Dancing Team

Digital Twin

Nahuel, plays with  form, code, and emboiment. He uses procesural design for the web as a medium of art and playfully expands interaction with elegamt design. Visit  Nahuel's Website and follow his journey on Instagram @NahuelGerth.

🖌️ Contrast and Identity 🖌️

One facet of Nahuel's work that profoundly resonates with me is the stark contrast it presents between the materiality of emboiment and slick graphic dynamic 2D design. He juxtaposes algorythmic design with the material reality of embodiment. This interplay between Nahuel's digital geometies and my corporeal existence creats a compelling narrative tension. 


impossible simplicity
Day 2 AIR Lake Studios Berlin
Concept, programming, video and performance by Marlon Barrios Solano

🎨  Residency Experiences 🎨

t Lake Studio Berlin, my residency immerses me in a world where art and technology seamlessly blend to create a new frontier of expression. Armed with tools like p5.js and MediaPipe, coupled with the flexibility of web-based platforms, I sculpt interactive, generative environments that transcend traditional boundaries. These digital dances, born from code and creativity, exist as fluid experiences accessible to all, embodying the inclusive spirit of open-source technology.

Through my exploration, I strive to foster collaboration and inclusivity within the artistic community. Every keystroke and algorithmic tweak represents not just artistic creation, but also a commitment to sharing knowledge and insights. The LapTop Dances Prototype, a culmination of concept, programming, and performance, serves as a tangible manifestation of this ethos.

As I delve into realms of creative coding, machine learning, and generative AI, both in text and image, I anticipate the evolution of participatory performances that blur the lines between the digital and physical realms. Stay tuned for updates as I unveil the results of this exploration within the Laptop Dances | Soft Spaces project.

For ongoing research and developments, visit Marlon Barrios Solano's website.


 the body of the text
LapTop Dances Prototype
Concept, programming and performance by Marlon Barrios Solano
Code and live app here:
7th day of AIR at @lakestudiosberlin

In this residency I am researching creative coding, machine learning, generative AI  (text and image) and participatiry improvisational performance.

I will be presenting some of tis reserach very soon and it is part of the project Laptop Dances | Soft Spaces.

#ArtAndTechnology #GenerativeArt #DigitalSculpture #InteractiveArt #CreativeJourney #dancetech


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Reflecting on the culmination of our residency at Lake Studios Berlin in November 20th 2023, “Meta-fictions: A Fugue entangled with several odd kins and intelligences” represents a significant milestone in my journey exploring the realms of generativity, dance, and AI. This performance was not just the result of collaborative efforts but also a testament to the boundless possibilities that arise when different worlds of creativity and technology intersect.

1*iWnpELm99XGfrtnyHyloeA.jpeg 1*RWriQOQ5MsOo7fOV1l1Kyw.jpeg

Throughout the residency, my focus was on leveraging the capabilities of generative AI, to create an innovative choreographic tool also inrelation with the history of the use of rule systems and improvisational structures by dancers and actors. We iengaged in a dynamic dialogue with AI. We created a generative loop of continuous improvisation in collaborations with AIs. This process illustrated the true essence of generativity — an evolving, unpredictable artistic expression.

1*dwtVUMJ3kQIFnCc_hLiKtw.jpeg 1*QWyCJQPK2to8Sn6_sbUnHg.jpeg

In “Meta-fictions,” we delved into the realm of self-aware storytelling. The performance was a conscious blend of fiction and reality, constantly evolving and reshaping itself based on the interactions between the dancers, AI, and the audience. This approach allowed us to explore the narrative in a way that questioned and played with the very nature of storytelling in the digital age. We collaborated and performed with fabulation engines.

1*6vmjrZzCRwAk5PLO7OYdew.jpeg 1*Bv1cdABDeGUcR0R-CwB_-w.jpeg 1*NYrbDz92-9XmilfDX1QIHg.jpeg 1*Sx_4dJ4pz7lBPIIbcPtu_g.jpeg

A key aspect of the residency’s outcome was its rich tapestry of cultural influences due to our nationalities and complex histories: Venezuela, Mexico and Spain. From ancient indigenous chants to the modern rhythms of Spanish pop and American hits, the musical landscape of the performance was diverse and vibrant. The inclusion of Miguel Bose’s iconic performance in drag from Almodovar’s “Tacones Lejanos” brought an element of cinematic flair, merging music, film, and dance. The movements, inspired by the dramatic essence of bullfighting, connected our digital creation with deep-rooted cultural expressions. Longings, belongings and exiles were present.

1*PHSEfFX4sq7N9-IOq_cOVw.jpeg 1*jhoIFiJ7QTeK7wIe-iNBNg.jpeg

In this project, AI took on multiple roles — as a repository of memories, a source of imagination, an evidence of cultural mashup and as collaging unique worlds. Durinf the process, AI-generated visuals of ethereal forms of jellyfish and algae, were not just artistic elements but symbolized the blending of the natural and digital realms, hight art conceptuality and fantasize about alien rituals. These OddKins represented the symbiosis of life forms. We watched Donna Haraway documentary and also sang karaoke. Working with LLMs is going meta all the time.

1*YOxdDwhH9iLAXT6sLDOhtA.jpeg 1*y0THUWJ3s8RC1CPNXhs3MQ.jpeg

As I look back on “Meta-fictions,” I see it as an exploration in the field of performance art and installation. It’s a vivid example of how computation and AI happens is time and time happened in semantic realms. This residency at Lake Studios Berlin was an opportunity to navigate the uncharted (yet familiar) waters of generativity, AI, and dance improvisation. Stuff that changes in real-time.

Thanks to the artists collaborators in this residency Dakota Comin, Cesar Rene Perez, and Vera Rivas and the support of Lake Studios Berlin.

All images are from Maria Kousi and were taken in November 17th 2023.

Read experimental process documentation on Lake Studios Berlin blog

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Presenting as a part of the collection"Choreography or ELSE": "Les Temps Tirailles" by Myriam Gourfink (2009)  



‘Les Temps Tiraillés’ means “time torn” (or pulled) and this premiere of Gourfink’s new work deconstructs conventional concepts of performance and time and emphasises the unique revitalising of dance at every staging. The work is ongoing when the audience arrives and it happens both live on stage and streamed onto screens elsewhere. It also continues Gourfink’s exploration of the complex relationship between music and choreography, entwining her imperceptible movement with the haunting, spectral score by Austrian composer, Georg Friedrich Haas that engages two violas, a bassoon and one movement of silence within a computer-generated electronic framework.

‘Les Temps Tiraillés’ is presented with reviews and an interview


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Choreography or ELSE presents:

While We Were Holding It Together


Ivana Müller

In While We Were Holding It Together, a tribute to the power of the imagination, Ivana Müller subjects notions of body and mind, and the relationship between the two, to a closer inspection. This results in a poetic, humoristic and philosophical production that draws the audience into Müller’s clear logic. While We Were Holding It Together creates images in becoming, always changing, depending on who is looking. Is it a rock band on tour? A picnic in the forest? A hotel room in Bangkok? We look, imagine and re-invent while searching for what is hidden and for what we want to see.

Created in 2006, the piece has been shown more than 70 times in festivals and venues in Europe, the United States and Asia. In 2007, While We Were Holding It Together won two prizes at Impulse Festival (DE). The jury of this internationally renowned festival awarded the performance with the first prize for the best off-theater production as well as the prize of the Goethe Institute.

The piece was also nominated for the 2007 VSCD mime-prize, which is the annual prize of the collaboration of Dutch theaters and concert halls for the best show of the year in the category of physical theater.

The piece exists in the original English version and, since November 2008, also in a French version.


Concept, direction: Ivana Müller

Performance: Katja Dreyer/Sarah van Lamsweerde/ Albane Aubry, Pere Faura/Ricardo Santana/ Arnaud Cabias, Karen Røise Kielland/ Hester van Hasselt/Anne Lenglet, Stefan Rokebrand/Jobst Schnibbe/ Geert Vaes/ Sébastien Chatelier, Jefta van Dinther/Bill Aitchison/ Julien Fallée – Ferré

Text : Ivana Müller, Bill Aitchison, Katja Dreyer, Pere Faura, Karen Røise Kielland, Stefan Rokebrand, Jefta Dinther.
Artistic advice : Bill Aitchison
Sound design : Steve Heather
Light design & technics : Martin Kaffarnik

While We Were Holding It Together is produced by LISA and I’M’COMPANY, in co-production with Sophiensaele Berlin (DE), Productiehuis Rotterdam / Rotterdamse Schouwburg (NL), Dubbelspel (30CC and STUK Kunstencentrum Leuven, BE).

This project is financially supported by the Nederlands Fonds voor de Podiumkunsten and the Mondriaan Stichting.



Find more videos like this on


About the Artist:


Ivana Müller is a choreographer, artist and author of texts. She grew up in Croatia but most of her life lived and worked as a foreigner.

Müller’s dance and theatre performances, installations, text works, video-lectures, audio pieces, guided tours and web works have been presented in venues and festivals such as Rotterdamse Schouwburg, STUK Leuven, brut Vienna, Frascati Theater Amsterdam, Kampnagel Hamburg, La Villette Paris, Wiener Festwochen, Theatertreffen Berlin, DTW New York, National Museum of Singapore, Saddler’s Wells London, Springdance Festival Utrecht, HAU Berlin, Centre nationale de danse Paris,  Kaaitheater Brussels (for a more extensive list of works and  venues please look at the page WORKS).

Some of the recurring subjects in Müller’s work are body and it’s representation, self-invention, place of imaginary and imagination, notion of authorship and the relationship between performer and spectator.

In 2007 Müller received the Charlotte Koehler Prize from the Prins Bernhard Funds (NL) for her œuvre, as well as Impulse Festival and Goethe Institute Prize for her piece While We Were Holding It Together.

Ivana Müller is one of the founding members of LISA (2004 – 2009), a collaborative production and discursive platform based in Amsterdam.

Ivana Müller lives in Paris and Amsterdam and works internationally.




Maaike Bleeker: Thinking Through Theatre
Published in Deleuze and Performance.
Edited by Laura Cull, Edinburgh University Press, 2009

Maaike Bleeker. “You Better Think!. Het denk-theater van Ivana Müller en Carly Wijsz/Ryszart Turbiasz” in:
Theater Topics 2: De Maker als onderzoeker.
Edited by Maaike Bleeker, Lucia van Heteren, Chiel Kattenbelt and Kees Vuyk. Amsterdam University Press,  2006

Jörg Huber/Gesa Zimer/Simon Zumsteg: Archipele des Imaginären
Institut für Theorie(ith) und Voldemeer AG, Zürich
Springer-Verlag Wien New York, 2009

Ramsay Burt: History, Memory, and the Virtual in Current European Dance Practice
Published in:  Dance Chronicle, Volume 32, Issue 3 September 2009 , pages 442 – 467

Working Titles – etcetera (in Dutch)

Working Titles -  der Standard

Working Titles – Trouw

Working Titles – Corpus

Working Titles – Volkskrant

Playing Ensemble Again And Again – Ballet-Tanz International

Playing Ensemble Again And Again – Volkskrant

While We Were Holding It Together - Theatercentraal

While We Were Holding It Together - Rotterdams Dagblad

While We Were Holding It Together - de Morgen

While We Were Holding It Together - radio Klara

While We Were Holding It Together - Inktpot

Jonas Rutgeerts: Onteigende beelden (in Flemish)

Under My Skin – De Standaard

Laura Karreman: ‘There Is More To This Place Than Meets The Eye

Under My Skin – De Tijd

How Heavy Are My Thoughts – De Morgen

Laura Karreman: Gewichtige Gedachten (in Dutch)

How Heavy Are My Thoughts – Volume

How Heavy Are My Thoughts – Vjesnik

Ivana Müller: Thoughts Spectacle

Ivana Müller: Letter to Bojana For The Conference On Future


interview for

interview Novi List



This piece is presented by courtesy of Ivana Muller and partially supported by 2011 partners:










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GENEVA SESSIONS 09/Made in LausanneFree International workshopADVANCED INSCRIPTIONS OPEN FOR DANCETECH MEMBERS!!!Inscriptions are not open yet, but you can already show your interest by sending a comentary on the page of Gilles Jobin----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------GENEVA SESSIONS 09/Made In LausanneFree International workshop for profesionnals dancers, choreographers and filmakersImage/Motion: New Mediation of the Performance of MovementAn interdisciplinary workshopWorkshop led by Marlon Barrios (New York/dancetech)Théâtre Arsenic Lausanne (Switzerland)8th of June to 19th of June 2009The Geneva Sessions is an international workshop for professional dancers and choreographers organised by Cie Gilles Jobin. Now in its third year, this annual encounter aims at creating a motivating artistic environment for experimented professional dancers in the Geneva area. The participants will be a combination of international professionals and Lausanne and Geneva region based dancers. The workshop is free. By invitation only. Inscription form coming out soon.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Image/Motion: New Mediation of the Performance of MovementAn interdisciplinary workshopIn this workshop we will survey and explore the creative applications of recent developments of new digital technologies on the performance of movement, choreography and image construction within multimedia systems for performances or installations. We will investigate the coupling of movement and image and the creative/aesthetics potential of working with real-time interactive software, portable devices and the www.Geared to professional dancers, choreographers, filmmakers and interdisciplinary artists teams, an emphasis will be on collaborative experimentation on the prototyping of multimedia works exploring the intersection of image and movement production and mediation. Through short theoretical lectures, group discussion, movement and improvisational scores, demonstrations and hands-on software practice, the participants will investigate the following related topics: motion and perception, recorded image and real-time processing, web cams and mobile phone cams for the creation of content, computation and choreography, projection surfaces, video tracking for media control and distributed performance.Participants : Professional dancers, professional choreographers, professional video makers, professional film makers.This workshop has three interrelated modules:Dance on (many) CamerasInvestigate the capturing and presentation of dance with video cameras and its uses in linear and non linear composition for different technological platforms and formats. Besides regular DV and HV cameras, we will explore the use of webcams and mobile phones cams for creative composition. We will also cover basic video editing andPractical: creation of short video compositions for web platforms.Dynamic Image and MovementIntroduction of the use of pre-recorded and live video on stage and a survey on the use on new media technology for the performance of motion. We will explore video projection on screen, on body, on objects, video as theatrical light, etc. Use of real time processing and interactivity exploring computation and performance of movement.Practical: creation of a short piece using real-time technology.The new internet and the Social WebIntroduction to web 2.0 technologies and the uses of social networking technology for collaborative creation of knowledge and performances. Discover the possibilities of internet tv broadcast.Practical: develop and create networked projects and use video broadcasting technology .---------------------Workshop leader Marlon Barrios SolanoMarlon Barrios Solano is a Venezuelan social media specialist/consultant, on-line producer and lecturer/researcher focused on the intersection of new media and performance and on the use of on-line platforms for collaborative creativity and social innovation. Currently, he works as a New Media/On-line Marketing Specialist for Dance New Amsterdam and consults for several art organizations in the US and abroad. He is the creator/producer of (a social networking site), dance-techTV and of DANCE TECH, an on-line program that explores the intersection of dance and digital technology.He has been a guest artist/lecturer at Interaktionslabor 2004 and ZKM (Germany), STEIM (The Netherlands), Digital Cultures Lab (UK), University of Oslo Design School (Norway), and in the US at The Advanced Computing Center for Arts and Design at The Ohio State University, Denison University, Purdue University, The Aesthetic Technologies Lab at Ohio University, Middlebury College, Wesleyan University and many New York City venues and institutes. He holds an MFA in Dance and Technology (independent track on real-time technology, performance of improvisation and cognition) from The Ohio State University. Marlon Barrios Solanomarlon@dance-tech.netWorkshop organizer:Gilles Jobin, choreographer. Lives and work in Geneva.Beside his artistic work, Gilles Jobin has a certain number of side projects linked to the professional development of dance across the world. Home of his company, the Studios 44 in Geneva is a pioneering space for professional training for dancers working for the recognition of professional formation for contemporary dancers in Switzerland. Gilles Jobin is stimulating international exchange by means of various initiatives: free daily professional training for dancers, educational activities, international workshops, artistic residencies, and projects with countries from the Southern
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Launching dance-techLIVE

We are launching dance-techLIVE This online channel will allow worldwide 24/7 linear broadcasting of selected programs, LIVE streaming and Video On-demand. All programming will be curated and selected from our community. This new development will complement dancetechTV, the collaborative open channel for all our members and the new section D/Plex wich aggregates all content related with dance on camera, screen dance or dance on film. If you would like your content to be included within our test run or have any ideas, feedback or suggestions email GO TO dance-techLIVE
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WATCH PROGRAM INTRODANCE TECH is a program that features the highlights of the interviews. DANCE TECH explores the intersection of cutting edge digital technology and the performing arts. This program is conceived and produced by Marlon Barrios Solano in collaboration with ProgressiveIMG. and distributed by TenduTV, first broadband internet TV channel dedicated to dance.This first episode celebrates the work of three movement artists and their very different explorations with interactive technologies, choreographic approaches and artistic intent.The featured artists are:Gideon Obarzanek talks about the process of creating performances "Glow" and "Mortal Engine" using interactive digital technology.Jill Johnson tells us about her experience working on her performance/installation "The Copier" with the Company "Cedar Lake" using "improvisational technologies" and a non-conventional space.Rachid Ouramdane explores plasticity and multiplicity in his solo multimedia performance works.Watch it in TidalTV!
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