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July 12th 2012

Hello dance-techers,

I would like to thank you for all  your ongoing contributions with and

The projects keep growing and evolving with your contributions that nurture the platforms themselves, content productions and special collaborations/partnerships.

I would like to invite you to use for developing your own on-line network community. I suggest to include it on your online strategy and you will benefit form the the engagement of a community of practice focused on experimentation, open knowledge  and innovation in the body based artistic and  research practices. will be emphasizing decentralization with a totally distributed and horizontal approach for the presentation and featuring of content.


1.- Chronological order

All the content by the community will be featured based on chronological order in all the pages, including the home page.

2.- You as co-curator

All the dance-tech NEWS will only be sent one a week and will  highlight the most popular members and content of the week. The site will self-organize based on users participation. Your  participation will make you more visible.

You can participate in many ways, with any kind of media content. You can automatically SHARE in Facebook  or Tweeter all you dance-tech posts.  This helps also to spread the word a about this project.

The dance-tech NEWS email email will be sent on Thursdays.
It is your participation that determines the content of the newsletter. We all determine what matters!


We are all curators!

NOTE: You can opt out to receive these mails in your settings/email section of your profile. Here you can customize all the email aspects for your  account.

3.-Please, don't send me press releases about events for me to post them. Post them yourself and move them in the social network platforms. That makes to content  more useful.

It is about collaborative platforms. can be used for PR and marketing purposes but you are in charge.

An please,  use  the real dates of the events. Events with  dates implying a duration of more than 8 weeks will be deleted.  Respect your peers!


Here you can find a description  of the dance-tech projects and other collaborative opportunities.\

5.-Donations are VOLUNTARY
We have put in place an automated monthly donation system integrated with the sign-up and sign-in functions  for the, yet:
You will be now reminded  that all the dance-tech interactive projects are supported by generosity of its users

Your donation does not impact your visibility in the site!

If you have any suggestions or would like to get more involved in this project please, email

have a great weekend!




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