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July 12th 2012

Hello dance-techers,

I would like to thank you for all  your ongoing contributions with and

The projects keep growing and evolving with your contributions that nurture the platforms themselves, content productions and special collaborations/partnerships.

I would like to invite you to use for developing your own on-line network community. I suggest to include it on your online strategy and you will benefit form the the engagement of a community of practice focused on experimentation, open knowledge  and innovation in the body based artistic and  research practices. will be emphasizing decentralization with a totally distributed and horizontal approach for the presentation and featuring of content.


1.- Chronological order

All the content by the community will be featured based on chronological order in all the pages, including the home page.

2.- You as co-curator

All the dance-tech NEWS will only be sent one a week and will  highlight the most popular members and content of the week. The site will self-organize based on users participation. Your  participation will make you more visible.

You can participate in many ways, with any kind of media content. You can automatically SHARE in Facebook  or Tweeter all you dance-tech posts.  This helps also to spread the word a about this project.

The dance-tech NEWS email email will be sent on Thursdays.
It is your participation that determines the content of the newsletter. We all determine what matters!


We are all curators!

NOTE: You can opt out to receive these mails in your settings/email section of your profile. Here you can customize all the email aspects for your  account.

3.-Please, don't send me press releases about events for me to post them. Post them yourself and move them in the social network platforms. That makes to content  more useful.

It is about collaborative platforms. can be used for PR and marketing purposes but you are in charge.

An please,  use  the real dates of the events. Events with  dates implying a duration of more than 8 weeks will be deleted.  Respect your peers!


Here you can find a description  of the dance-tech projects and other collaborative opportunities.\

5.-Donations are VOLUNTARY
We have put in place an automated monthly donation system integrated with the sign-up and sign-in functions  for the, yet:
You will be now reminded  that all the dance-tech interactive projects are supported by generosity of its users

Your donation does not impact your visibility in the site!

If you have any suggestions or would like to get more involved in this project please, email

have a great weekend!




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hello  dance-techers,

 I have received some questions that are motivating me to clarify two important points:

-The  DONATION System:  

There is an integrated system that REMINDS you that and .TV are projects that are supported by donations of its users/members.

So, I have integrated a system that REMINDS YOU about this with a prompter. It invites you to make a donation that is VOLUNTARY.  


So, this is not a payment, but it reminds you that you have the opportunity of supporting this project covering  the costs and to be able to keep it free and available for users that won't be able to  to afford a membership fee.

I have noticed that most of the members that have complained, they have not read the explanation.

This is how it looks the  window for donation:


See, that it is set to 0.00$,


you may then show your support donating the desired amount. 

More information here:

about enablers:

2.-Emails with the dance-tech news: 

I would be sending some curated news at least once a week: they include relevant posts and announcements for the community.

You may opt out to receive this or any emails from the community changing  your email settings. Go to settings>emails...

See screenshot:


Please, contact me or leave acomment if you have any question,


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Hello dance-techers,

I wish you all a happy and peaceful holidays in this wonderful and troubled planet!

We are all in this together and learning new ways!


Thank you for your art and generosity!

I would like to take advantage of this message to thank you in advance for reading this message and for contemplating helping to support our projects.

We have put in place an automated monthly donation system integrated with the sign-up and sign-in functions  for the

You will be now reminded  that and its network is  supported by generosity of its users!
With your generous contribution you will be supporting the following projects:

Donation is VOLUNTARY!

..we remain FREE and open to everybody!
This is an important change because is an step that will guarantee that we can keep and .TV FREE and be able to cover the costs of labor, the technological platforms and the production.
We have always been a donation based network but now we have reached a critical mass to really leverage the potential of sustainable collective generosity of our international community.
The systems are in place to automate the process and make it seamless within the platform.

You will have access to the site and community even if you decide that you can donate only $0.00  at this time.
No problem!
but please consider how much can you donate!
Any amount helps!

Not a member?

If you  enjoy and find value on and .tv projects, but you are not a member, you may also DONATE a fix amount of $3.00 a month or make a one time donation using the PayPal links in the right sidebar of  this site.

We welcome other contributions such as: premium video  from performances  and events, space  and labor bartering, residencies, discounts for members, etc.
Share, participate in the conversations, collaborate and enjoy!
Let's develop together infrastructures of
Thank you!

If you have any questions email:
This is the form that will appear  to remind you  about donation system:
Detailed information on costs: and are independent projects managed by Marlon  Barrios Solano and are under the umbrella of dance-tech interactive llc productions, a New York City based company.

 All the income from donations is geared to support the following expenses:

Digital platforms:
Social networking platform for and (maintenance an d development)
Domain names and hosting

Virtual office:
You send it
Apps for Ipad and mobility
Pre paid Simcards

24 hours per week for production of video content, management, content maintenance, research, posting, curation and administration.

Digital hardware

Becoming a dance-tech enabler for 2012?

Organizations such as theaters, companies and groups  may become DANCE TECH enablers or supporters  donating $300.00 or more during a calendar year.

What are Dance tech  ENABLERS?
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Dear dance-techers,

this is Marlon, the network producer and creator. was created in November 2007, since then we have grown to become a social network with almost 3000 international member. We all share our passion and curiosity for innovation, fearless creativity within movement arts and new media technologies. has evolved to produce:

The interviews: a series of interviews with artists, technologies and theorists that has constituted a knowledge axis for the community

dance-techTV in-line video channel: a collaborative internet video channel that transmits hight quality content and provides the community with a platform for co-production of LIVE streaming of performances, conferences and any relevant events. receives more than 60000 page visits a months.

We have developed sustainable ways of producing digital content, establishing partnerships and collaborations that have helped and its projects to grow as an important infrastructure of generosity, exchange and collaboration.

During these two and half years, several of our members have contributed with beyond the content. They have facilitated and provided creative ways of engaging my work, our community and the use of our platforms. Some members have covered traveling costs and have offered me space for work in a research and teaching residency format. In such collaborations we have participated and developed several international educational and cultural projects in more than 15 countries. These strategies have definitely helped for the growth of the network, but they represented specific work such as teaching, consulting and development: work that was not directly related with the maintenance of the site, community facilitation and media production. Until now, the work is done without receiving direct compensation and I cover all the operational costs.

As you might have noticed, this April, has opened it space to contextual advertising and we are offering low cost online services for the community and different kinds of membership.

Considering the number of people who visit and use regularly, from individual artists to educational/artistic/research organizations, I believe that it would be feasible to make sustainable without compromising the goal of providing free and open access to all its content and platforms.

Our goal is to raise at least $3,000 per month ($1.00 per member or 1000 members paying $3.00 a month), via your patronage of our community, especially those member who do can help. I propose a model that allows your generosity to support the project
distributing costs in a way that members with more resources are able
to help the rest of the community.This model acknowledges the differences in resources between countries, professions, career levels, organizations and fields. Organizations have a higher suggested monthly payment.

I ask you to consider becoming micro-patrons with a voluntary subscription model (micro-monthly payment). In-keeping with the spirit of generosity which has sustained this project until now, it seemed only appropriate that we find a model for financial sustainability that incorporates the ideals of offering free access to the platforms and the possibility of helping.

Explore the following links with the details of the services and the new membership system!

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback!

Leave comments here or email me at

Thank you in advance for your understanding and on going support,


Radical Transparency
In the spirit of radical transparency, here is a breakdown, in terms of percentages, of how your contribution will be used:

60% for Salary – almost half of your contribution will go toward in subsidizing my time to work on projects.
I will use my skills in: site management
-Publishing and reporting on relevant content interviews production (original content)
-Developing collaborations. co-productions and partnerships.
-Producing dance-techTV channel/curatorial and programs
-Training new co producers for dance-techTV platform.

40% for Overhead – Close to half of the money will go toward all of the
things that go into running a social media enterprise.

These includes things like:
Taxes and legal fees
Communications infrastructure
Internet providers
Digital equipment
Web platforms, hosting, design, & development costs

Thanks to Sponsors


Advertise in and reach the world!

PREMIUM members


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