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Public Domain does without the actor as the main aspect of the show and leaves the audience as the only participant. It is not about turning the spectator into an actor, but about fulfilling the narrative possibilities of the group using statistical tools. The spectators are part of a fiction without the need of exposing themselves as individuals on a stage that, on the other hand, has as many actors as spectators watching the show.


Roger Bernat @ Choreography or ELSE on

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BOJANA CVEJIĆ Taller "Coreografía desde final de los años 90: Expresiones del pensamiento y formas de trabajo", Barcelona



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La Fábrica presents EUROPES, the first meeting in Barcelona to celebrate and explore contemporary European culture

Starting on 21 October, EUROPES is the new festival created by La Fábrica designed to showcase the latest cultural and artistic trends in Europe. Until 14 November it will make the city the epicentre for contemporary European creation.

EUROPES presents a wide range of contents in different areas, including plastic and visual arts, performing arts, music, film, literature, architecture, cuisine and design. The festival features a crosscutting programme that reveals the rich and complex cultural fabric throughout Europe today and which will shake up Barcelona’s cultural calendar with over 250 activities, including screenings, performances, talks, meetings, exhibitions and conferences.

For three weeks, this new city festival will turn Barcelona into a gateway to Europe. In order to reach the widest possible audience, EUROPES is working with the city’s leading cultural centres, including the TNC, MACBA, Gran Teatre del Liceu, Sala Beckett, Museu Picasso, Mercat de les Flors, L’Auditori, and CaixaFòrum, amongst others. They will be joined by 30 civic centres and 36 public city libraries, over 60 art galleries, and a large number of bookshops, art schools, universities and restaurants, among over 200 spaces.

Thanks to this consensus, the festival brings together the city’s many different cultural systems, both public and private. EUROPES aims to be a catalyst for talent that interconnects and reinforces networks, both locally and throughout Europe. This key aspect will ensure that Barcelona can present a wide-ranging programme that will throw the spotlight on the latest creative trends across Europe.

Among the hundreds of activities being held under the umbrella of EUROPES, on 10, 11 and 12 November there will be an unprecedented symposium bringing together the leading production centres in Europe. The 1st Europes Conference on European Production Centres and Platforms will be a three-day meeting designed to share, compare and contrast different lines of action at the top European creation centres, set out new ideas for the future and set up an exchange and communication network between centres to collaborate on short- and medium-term projects.

EUROPES has invited the twenty heads of the top twenty centres from twelve countries in Europe to come to Barcelona, including Alessio Antoniolli, director of Gasworks (United Kingdom), Gerfried Stocker, director and curator of Ars Electronica (Austria), Ludger Orlok, director of Tanzfabrik (Germany), Stine Hebert, new director of the Baltic Art Centre (Sweden), Chus Martínez, chief curator at Macba (Barcelona), and Pablo Berástegui, coordinator of Matadero (Madrid).

EUROPES activities are arranged in three major sections: the Official Programme, containing the bulk of the main activities, mostly linked to some of the city’s benchmark cultural spaces; the OFF Programme, made up of a generous programme of parallel activities to enrich the Official Programme; and WelcomeEUROPES, created by EUROPES with Barcelona training and education centres, including a range of exchange activities, a pilot bedsharing programme and a creation campus. Anyone interested in welcoming students from Europe can get more information on the EUROPES website:
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2 Workshops _ Expanded Body
Call for subscription
4 Scholarships*

As part of their stay in residence at 3-Legged Dog art and technology center in NY, Kònic thtr
organizes this training program in R + d + i.
This course will examine the relationship between voice, body movement and audiovisual
languages. It is a transdisciplinary workshop linking installation and performance, searching
the relationship between action, video, sound and real-time digital processes on the stage.
This workshop proposes a process of training in a practical and theoretical activity that
combines the performative action with interactive audiovisual technologies. Contents will
be related with models based on projects and devices made by Kònic Thtr, to understand,
from its analysis, the significance of technologyc languages applied to contemporary creation.
Participants will work in groups and theoretical sessions will alternate with practice sessions
and demonstration, using available tools, and there will also be screenings of the creative
projects discussed by Kònic Thtr.
Workshop #1_ September, Saturday the 18th and Sunday the 19th , 1:00 – 5:00pm
Workshop #2_ September, Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th , 1:00 – 5:00pm
Where: 3-Legged Dog Art & Technology Center. 80 Greenwich St. NY 10006
Organizer: 3-Legged Dog Art & Technology Center
Price for 1 workshop: $ 125 + taxes
Producers: Kònic Thtr / Associació Kòniclab - 3-Legged Dog Art & Technology Center
+ Info:


Workshop at Harvestworks. September 2010

Alain Baumann has been using Max/MSP as his main tool to develop the creative works of
Kònic thtr, and working with dancers to interact both with sound and image in real time
on stage. As an important part of their activity, Kònic thtr is actively contributing to the
dissemination of their knowledge, both by teaching in different colleges in Catalonia and
Spain and by giving workshops in many countries of Europe and Central and South America,
workshops in which the emphasis is the development of creative languages based on
interactive technologies.
FTM is a set of Max externals developed at the IRCAM that eases the handling of complex
data structures in the max/MSP environment. This course, taught by KonicLab's Alain
Baumann (Barcelona), will specially focus on the MnM package included in the library, and
have hands-on experiments with included abstraction MnMfollower, which allow us to do
real time gesture following when used in combination with sensors, camera analysis, or a

When: September, Saturday the 11th, 12:00 – 6:00pm
Where: Harvestworks. 596 Broadway Suite 602, NY 10012
(between Houston and Prince Streets in SoHo)
Organizer: Harvestworks
Price: $ 100 + taxes
Producers: Kònic Thtr / Associació Kòniclab - Harvestworks

Artist-in-residence program at 3-Legged Dog Art & Technology Center
a {d’Aigua} show_5 presentations. September - October 2010

In 2009, the center of performing arts and digital technologies 3 legged Dog invited Kònic
thtr to develop a residency at its center in New York. Kònic Thtr will take the opportunity to
develop a new phase of the show a {d'Aigua}, an existing project with a modular structure,
and elaborate a new format for the piece at 3LD,, an interactive dance installation involving
audience participation opens up to visual arts audiences and new circuits. This time the show
will stage dancer and performer Masu Fajardo.
Kònic Thtr/Koniclab hope to strengthen their research in non-linear and interactive
performing and choreographic narratives.

a {d'Aigua} is a project originally developed in the context of several labs made by Kònic Thtr.
As part of this process, we highlight the encounters with the Catalan choreographer Maria
Muñoz, from Mal_Pelo dance company, with the aim of developing a cross-experience work
that includes dance, performance, music, computer graphics and interactivity.

In the performative project a {d'Aigua}, a dancer, a performer and musician interact on
stage with sound and image using the iXKa, a small wireless sensor device integrated on the
body and designed to capture the movement and the dancers on stage in real time. These
devices are used in conjunction with a piece of software called MNM and developed by
Frédéric Bevilacqua from the Real-Time Music Interaction Team at IRCAM, Paris (France). The
combination of sensors and software allows us to record the gestures of the dancer and then
recognize it in real time. Whole phrases of movement are recognized and reproduced, and the
dancer can play sounds that are being recorded simultaneously with its movement.

This stage piece was first presented in openlab format, at Officine Sintetiche (Torino, Italy),
and was premiered in Barcelona at the Mercat de les Flors during the IDN Festival 2009, with
the participation of the dancer and choreographer María Muñoz.

Later, the piece continues to evolve through encounters with different dancers and
choreographers. It was presented at the Electron Festival (Switzerland), with dancer and
performer Masu Fajardo, and also at 'Certesa Simulada. New frontiers of science, art and
thought’, program organized by Ars Santa Mònica from Barcelona in September 2009.
In 2010, this show has been performed in the Theater of Madrid, for the event Cartographies
of Dance, in Theatre Moulay Rachid at the Festival International d'Art Vidéo of Casablanca
(Morocco) and at Thsekh_Proekt Fabrika in Moscow (Russia). There’s also a tour plan in the fall
2010 with presentations of the show int he III Seminário Transcultural sobre Teatro e Dança in
Salvador de Bahía (Brasil) and in the International Videodance Festival Cuerpo Digital in La Paz

When: september 9th – october 7th 2010
a {d’Aigua} show : september 30th, and october 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th, 2010
Where: 3-Legged Dog Art & Technology Center. 80 Greenwich St. NY 10006
Producers: Kònic Thtr / Associació Kòniclab - 3-Legged Dog Art & Technology Center
+ Info:

Ad'Aigua Process_Spanish from konic thtr on Vimeo.

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  • Talk / Discussion under the image and movement workshop led by Toni Mira and David Dalmazzo in La Caldera. Saturday 15th May from 10.30am. Free admission. Limited capacity

To close the week of the workshop led by TONI MIRA and DAVID DALMAZZO in
La Caldera, NU2's proposes a talk / discussion to present three support
and experimentation initiatives about digital tools applied to the
performing arts: the project HELLOWORLD! (Madrid), the MEDIAESTRUCH
of Sabadell and the NU2’s LABS's in L'animal a l’esquena

The session aims to inform and discuss about the challenges of the dance
/ new media creation and the collaborative initiatives to create spaces
for artists from the differents sectors.

- David Rodriguez will discuss the objectives and projects
developed by HelloWorld! , stable platform focused on production and new
technologies. They work at the Medialab-Prado, in the Teatro Pradillo
and Galería Off Limits of Madrid. +info:

- Oriol Rossell and Julià Carboneras will present MEDIAESTRUCH,
L'Estruch new department dedicated to the convergence of the performing
arts and new technologies.+info:

- Núria Font will discuss the experiences of the laboratories
organized by NU2's in L'animal al'esquena since 2004 and will introduce
the characteristics of the LAB for this year.

By late morning, Toni Mira and David Dalmazzo will present the artists
participating in the workshop and the work they carried out.


10'30h Presentation by Núria Font and Toni Mira

11h Conference presentation by David Rodriguez - HelloWorld!

11'30h Presentation of MEDIAESTRUCH by Oriol Rossell

12h Coffee Break

12'30h Presentation of NU2's laboratories

13h Works presentations of the lab: technology, image and movement

13'30h Symposium / debate

Check all the information at the website of NU2’s - -
and La Caldera -

Attention! The activity is free but it’s neccesary to book
sending an email to

La Prinzipal of La Caldera is offering a "low cost" meal for 7 euros. If
you want to sign up, booking is essential sending an email at La
Caldera before May 12th, specifying the subject: FOOD lab IM (specify
number of people)

See you there!!

* NU2'S associacío per la creació has the
support of the Generalitat de Catalunya's Departament of Cultura, the
Ajuntament de Barcelona and the Ramón Llull institute.

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Nits Salvatges (Wild Nights) proposes a frame to experiment with what is uncertain and circumstantial in theideas, regardless its evolution, materialization or development.

An event that brings together eight new and specific actions by artistsfrom different areas, territories and generations.
A two-daysproject, curated by La Porta, that invites us to sharethe ephemeral reality, the luxurious act, unpredictable stimuli betweenthe body and the word, between the anecdote and the reflection, betweenthe essay and the romantic illusion.

You can follow both sessions here on STREAMING with the collaboration of

Friday April 23rd

- Oscar Abril Ascaso:Acción Ibérica nº 1: Acto fundacional de Acción Iberista (FundationalAct of Acción Iberista)
- Colectivo 96º: FINGIR#1 (To Fake #1)
- Amalia Fernández:Enconstrucción (Under Construction)
- EstherFerrer: ¿Es estouna performance? (Is This a Performance?)

Saturday April 24th

- Abraham Hurtado: Collective Unconsciousness
- Elena Córdoba - Cristóbal Pera:El amory la herida (Love and Wound)
- GéraldKurdian: My firstclub song ever
- Davis Freeman: Onenight only

Where: CCCB - C/ Montalegre, 5 - 08001 Barcelona
When: at 9pm
Price:5 euros / Reduced: 3 euros - Friends of the CCCB,students, retired, unemployed persons, members of professionalperforming arts associations, Libraries identification card, CarnetJove. Tickets on sale at the ticket offices of the CCCB on April 23rdand 24th from 11am. Discount tickets at ATRAPALO

See the 3rd editionand the 4thedition of Nits Salvatges.

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Octubre 6 y 7 2009 Facilitado por Marlon Barrios Solano/Dance-tech Interactive LLC Octubre 6 y 7 2009 Ass. Companyies Dansa, Barcelona, Espana. Net / red Convidat Password : Cornella dance-techTV Interviews (La Red Sudamericana de Danza) vida arte proceso producto investigacion conocimiento creatividad colaboration arte investigacion creacion collaborativa proceso creativo Plan, estrategia, accion Organizacion Cambios Generales Mundiales siglo 21 Economia Global/mercado Iniciativas transnacionales Movimientos sociales urbanos Nuevas tecnologias Interconecion Ecologica/Impacto Como estamos conectados? Conectividades? Contactos (mediacion) Movimientos (migraciones/mobilidad) gentes, lugares, ideas/intereses Introduccion/presentacion... Transporte y Comunicacion Mediacion en espacio y tiempo Sincronia y Asincronia Presencia?? Historia/s/storytelling Jonathan Harris: We feel Fine Transmision Registros/trazos Planes y estrategies/coexistencia: design top-down/bottom-up fracaso de sistemas prevalente?? Relaciones Vs Objeto Gregory Bateson Que es una red? Una forma de Organizacion Una forma de operar/protocolo de interaccion Un Proceso Generativo en si mismo Conecciones Procesos Cursos de accion intercambio entre todos estos aspectos Promete Flexibilidad! En red, la organizacion se convierte un fin en si mismo: es el contenido y el logro reflejan la logica de la vida social Plataformas de accion politica/intervencion de sistemas


Pristina House Marjetica Potrc Ljubljana-based artist and architect. Produccion Colectiva Trabajo orientado el proceso Plataformas transversales de projectos Circulacion/Emergencia Uso y modificacion de redes existentes y creacion de nuevas Uso autodeterminado Geografia Movible/Fluida Exito o fracaso/para quien/ Laboratorio/investigacion... Legislacion Principio de Generosidad Infraestructuras de confianza Sistema Ejercicio automatizacion transmision organizacion/indexacion limites/boundary CAMBIOS ESTRUCTURALES Y FUNCIONALES TECNOLOGICOS: Infrestructura de Fibra optica Protocolos y estandares Convergencia Miniaturizacion Portabilidad Conectividad masiva dentro del disenio urbano Gran Capacidad de almacenamiento y rescate/llamada de datos en forma interactiva Data base driven websites (PHP/Mysql) Video/procesamiento de la images con Flash video/flash servers Ajax (procesamiento en el browser) Movimientos Sociales/culturales: Open source/free software Publicacion de API desarrollo collaborativo/inteligencia distribuida Nuevos modelos de produccion y atribucion de derechos de autoria Bajos Costos Acceso Cambio Funcional Arquitecturas Bottom-up permiten participacion de los usuarios en el desarrollo de contenido y organizacion de contenido. reflejan la logica de la vida social Sitios web de estaticos a dinamicos/ informacion es dinamica y cambiente creada por los ususarios EL NUEVO INTERNET Cambios FUNCIONALES: Forma y contenido estan separados!! XML XHTML CSS PHP MYSQL APACHE LINUX FLASH VIDEO Implicaciones para: publicacion, prensa, mercadeo, investigacion Industrias de reproduccion y distribucion de ideas y formas culturales. ENTONCES WEB2.0 Proceso/proceso/proceso Servicio no producto Participacion en el desarrollo del contenido (PROSUMER) Platafomas que cambian Esfuerzo colectivo muchos a muchos Transparencia Auto-organizacion reflejan la logica de la vida social Subir, bajar, lateral: transmision horizontal "sideloading" RSS


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08: Marina from Caleb Custer on Vimeo.

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Read more… continuous days of programming with over 50 live arts projects that revolve around the body: performances, actions, installations, screenings, meetings and other frontier experiences that explore the notion of play, movement and theatricality.they will be there...Mauricio González, Vera Mantero, Angélica Liddell, Félix Fernández, Juan Navarro / Javier Corcobado, Alejandra Pombo, Teo Baró, Roger Bernat, Ariadna Estalella, Bea Fernández, Aimar Pérez Galí / Ricardo Santana / Guillem Mont de Palol, Cecilia Vallejos, Norberto Llopis, Silvia Sant Funk, João Costa Lima / Cecilia Colacrai, Maria Montseny / Anna Rubirola, Carla Fernández / Olatz de Andrés, Masu Fajardo, deepblue, Paula Caspão / Valentina Desideri, Vincent Dunoyer, Patricia Portela, Olga Mesa, Ivana Müller, Cuqui Jerez ,María Jerez, Juan Domínguez, Montse Penela, Aggtelek, Annika Larsson, Rubén Santiago, Alejandro Vidal, Nicola Unger, Elena Albert, Carmelo Salazar
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