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March 21–22

– Launch of e-book 'Water Views: Caring and Daring' with editorial team and guest authors
– Meditation for water with renowned guest singer from Chennai, India
– Balance-Unbalance Conference launch with its founder Ricardo Dal Farra, film screening & performances

SESSION 1 – your time:

SESSION 2 – your time:

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E-book is available for free download in its entirety and by individual chapters.
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Table of Contents
1. Opening - performances: Ulay, Jason Lim and online-performers
2. Voice of the Future - youth projects: performances, conservation
3. Activism, Art & Science - projects catalysing change at many levels
4. Art & Science - interdisciplinary dialogue and interaction
5. Hydrology – Past & Future - from India, Greece, Tunisia, California and
6. Conservation & Transmission - water rights, festivals, cultural
heritage and museums
7. Care & Dare - water values re-envisaged by community groups
8. Performance - live art, outdoor actions & online-performances designed
Waterwheel’s creative collaboration interface ‘the Tap’
9. Hydrosonics - a sound art festival hosted at NYU by Ear to the Earth

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All  lectures and panel discussions will be live streamed from London, this weekwekend.



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ARTAUD FORUM 2:  Konnecting Gestures                                                             

Artaud Performance Centre

Friday, March 30                                                                                

20:oo  Opening Address (Artaud Performance Centre 001)

20:15        Sonic Arts Concert  (001)

Featuring:      Sonic Arts Ensemble, and vocalist Jennifer Walshe.
                      Thomas Köner and Carl Faia: The Futurist Manifesto

Saturday, March 31      

09:30  Registration / Coffee   (Artaud Performance Centre)

10:30   A001: Keynote:   Pieter Verstraete on gestures and sound                                

11:30   Welcome address, William Leahy, Head of School

11:35 – 13:00  Roundtable 1 (with presentations by Julian Henriques,
Eirini Nedelkopoulou, Nick Collins)                              

13:00   Lunch break                                                                                                                                                                             
14:00 –17:00  Physical Movement/ Sound Lab (001)  BadCo with Ivana Ivkovic &
Zrinka Uzbinec
14:oo – 17:00 Electronics Lab on Kinect interfaces (003)  Ian Winters
14:00 – 17:oo  Clinic with Carl Faia (Music and Programming); Presentation of new work/demo by Arthur Elsenaar

Short Coffee break                                                                                                                                                                              
17:10   Roundtable 2:  Reflections on Sound Performance
(with presentations by Jay Murphy, Nicolas Salazar-Sutil; Claudia Robles;
John Collingswood; Ian Winters)

18:30   Reception / dinner buffet, followed by art openings:                            

19:30   Installation-Performances  (101) (103)(115) (107)(109)
            "Cabinets of Post-Digital Curiosities": performance installations by Camilla Baratt-Due (N/D), Jörg Brinkmann (D),
            Arthur Elsenaar (NL),   Kate Genevieve & Alex Peckham (UK), Rebecca Horrox (UK) & Dani Ploeger (NL/D/UK)

21:00   Concert & Performance Installations (001)
           John Collingswood “Duet for Three” / Frieder Weiss, “Blue Flow”   /    Simon    
           Katan "DarkStar"    

      Julie Wilson-Bokowiec, with Mark Bokowiec:    

Sunday, April 1

10:00    Presentation:     Body Performance Noise  (introduction)
                                      Darren Vincent Tunstall: Non-verbal communication/embodied experiential knowledge
11:00   Roundtable 3 (Artist presenters: Camilla Baratt-Due, Jörg Brinkmann, Arthur
                                      Elsenaar, Kate Genevieve, Rebecca Horrox
  Response panel: Alissa Clarke (performance studies scholar, De
 Montfort University),
                                     Sophia Gräfe (media art critic, Bauhaus University Weimar),
                                     Niall Richardson (media and film theorist, University of Sussex)
                                     Chair: Dani Ploeger (Brunel University)

13:00  Lunch break

14:00  Theatre / Sound Lab :     KINECT 2, and Frieder Weiss
            Clinics with Carl Faia, Daniel Ploeger

16:00   Roundtable 4
(moderated by Johannes Birringer, featuring Julie Wilson-Bokowiec and Mark Bokowicz, Nick Till,  Frieder Weiss, Carl Faia, Simon Katan, and guests)

17:00   Concluding Remarks

Be with us!!


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Nits Salvatges (Wild Nights) proposes a frame to experiment with what is uncertain and circumstantial in theideas, regardless its evolution, materialization or development.

An event that brings together eight new and specific actions by artistsfrom different areas, territories and generations.
A two-daysproject, curated by La Porta, that invites us to sharethe ephemeral reality, the luxurious act, unpredictable stimuli betweenthe body and the word, between the anecdote and the reflection, betweenthe essay and the romantic illusion.

You can follow both sessions here on STREAMING with the collaboration of

Friday April 23rd

- Oscar Abril Ascaso:Acción Ibérica nº 1: Acto fundacional de Acción Iberista (FundationalAct of Acción Iberista)
- Colectivo 96º: FINGIR#1 (To Fake #1)
- Amalia Fernández:Enconstrucción (Under Construction)
- EstherFerrer: ¿Es estouna performance? (Is This a Performance?)

Saturday April 24th

- Abraham Hurtado: Collective Unconsciousness
- Elena Córdoba - Cristóbal Pera:El amory la herida (Love and Wound)
- GéraldKurdian: My firstclub song ever
- Davis Freeman: Onenight only

Where: CCCB - C/ Montalegre, 5 - 08001 Barcelona
When: at 9pm
Price:5 euros / Reduced: 3 euros - Friends of the CCCB,students, retired, unemployed persons, members of professionalperforming arts associations, Libraries identification card, CarnetJove. Tickets on sale at the ticket offices of the CCCB on April 23rdand 24th from 11am. Discount tickets at ATRAPALO

See the 3rd editionand the 4thedition of Nits Salvatges.

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