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Also seeking submissions that consider dance, media and disembodiment....

Call for Papers: SLSA 2018 (Toronto) PANEL: The Disembodied Woman in Digital Art and Culture

“Invisible” is a word that haunts histories of the technologized body. From the popularity of the late-19th century magic trick, the “Vanishing Lady,” to the advent of photography, in which “the body itself appeared to be abolished, [and] rendered immaterial” (Gunning), and the invention of the television (another kind of ‘body’), which Jean Baudrillard writes, “is now intangible, diffuse and diffracted in the real." The threat (and thrill) of this concept is magnified in the digital age, where the body is both immaterial and networked, and where the inscrutability of computational architecture hides itself behind pretty software interfaces that masquerade as perfectly clear and easy to understand.

That the vanishing lady is a lady is no accident. In the new media era there is a simultaneous turn towards invisibility (omnipresent surveillance; dispersed identities) and a return to the material world of things (as evidenced by the recent academic trend towards speculative materialism and object oriented ontology). In this oscillation between absence and presence, it is important to ask: which objects get to be seen and which are made to disappear? The female body seems to be one object that is always in the process of dematerialization (Apple’s digital assistant Siri and CGI Instagram model Lil Miquela, for example).

In keeping with the SLSA conference theme (“Out of Mind”), I hope to construct a panel that both challenges Cartesian dualism (in which the rational is privileged over the corporeal) and demonstrates its problematic perseverance as a structuring principle in art and design. I invite submissions that take up the following questions: Where does the organic human body exist (or persist), especially in relation to “bodies” such as avatars, digital renderings and filmic or animated traces? What are the procedures that construct and govern mechanical and digital bodies, and do these procedures differ substantially from those that govern organic bodies? How do lived conditions of difference such as race and gender factor into digital representations of the body?

I am particularly interested in submissions that explore representations of the female body in relation to:

-       (Dis)embodiment

-       VR / AR (and other immersive media)

-       Digital and algorithmic choreography/dance

-       Visual and screen media

-       Posthumanism

-       Kinaesthetics and sensation

-       Interactivity

-       Affect and emotions

-       Interfaces and software

-       Mind-Body Dualism

-       Sound studies

Abstracts of 250 words should be sent to along with a short bio by April 1st.

NOTE: This is a call for papers for a panel to be submitted for consideration for the SLSA conference in Toronto, Canada, November 15-18, 2018. The conference theme is “Out of Mind.”  The SLSA general call for papers, as well as more information about the conference, can be found here:

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Technology, the Body, and Choreography
Free residency at Lake Studios Berlin sponsored by TroikaTronix – Mark Coniglio

We would like to invite dance makers invested in the field of technology to apply for this special residency hosted at Lake Studios Berlin in July 2016.

We are searching for artists who consciously use elements of technology to expand and deepen the choreographic process. We look for work that uses technology to push and transform the body’s performative and choreographic possibilities yet still place the performing body into the foreground of the work. The technological components can, but must not be visible in the finished work.

To apply please submit the following:

- A short artist statement (no more than 200 words) about how you define, perceive and work with the element of technology in your performance work.
- A description (no more than 500 words) of what you would like research and develop during the residency
- Your CV and the CVs of any collaborating artists
- Supporting video and documentation material of current and/or past work
- artists must become members of (free registration)

We will provide free of charge:
- a private room and access to a shared kitchen, and bathroom in the Lake Studios Complex for one person. A second bed is available in the room.
- 100 hours of Studios space divided between our small and large studios
- Technical equipment: 1 beamer, selected stage lights/light board, sound system and mixer, microphone, sound recorder, video camera to record rehearsals, el. piano.
- the possibility to present first stage of the work for feedback in our performance series Unfinished Fridays on July 15
- a performance opportunity July 29/30 at Uferstudios in Berlin’s city center in the frame of a dance/technology festival organized by Mark Coniglio/TroikaTronix
- 2hrs of coaching by Mark Coniglio (creator of the video programming software Isadora)
- 2hrs of remote online coaching by Marlon Barrios Solano (founder of
- The artist will be featured on dance and have the possibility to blog and post about the work and/or make use of dance-tech live TV channels

The selected resident must provide his/her own transportation and meals.

Lake Studios would like to thank TroikaTronix, maker of Isadora, for their generous financial support of this residency.

Please submit your applications with the subject line “Dance/Tech Residency 2016” by February 25, 2016 to
We will notify all artists of the selection results by March 1, 2016.

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Individual choreographers, dance companies and video directors are welcome to submit their projects to be presented in the "Video-Dance Showcase", to be held between September 25th and October 11th 2015.
May 15th, 2015 is the deadline for submission of proposals. The selection board will decide on the selected projects until May 31, 2015.

Download conditions here and application form here.

For further information please contact us through

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Send us your dance film until June 15!

Festival: September 07-10 at DOCK 11, Berlin
Deadline: 15 June 2016


POOL is a format for dance films and dance animations and offers space for the mutual exchange of experiences, development, training, and production prospects. It is a platform for films which picture dance not as a simple documentation, but rather create choreographies exclusively for, and with, the camera. POOL focuses on the intense interplay between dance and the techniques of film, exploring the possibilites and boundaries of the art form. In addition, POOL encourages exchange with other creative areas such as fashion, advertising and music.



All dancers, choreographers, film makers and artists are invited to apply with dance short films and dance animations. 
Films should not be longer than 30 minutes and also not only a documentation of a dance piece. The budget of the films or the background of its creators are less important for us.



Applications can be submitted online.

Only if your film is chosen for the programme:

  • Filled and signed online application form as scan to
  • 3 digital film stills, minimum 300 dpi
  • Optional:  biography, video testimonies and useful information



The POOL 16 jury will create a film programme from all submissions and select the winner films, the PEARLS 16. PEARLS are the equal winners of POOL – INTERNATIONALES TanzFilmFestival BERLIN.

POOL 15 - Trailer from POOL – TanzFilmFestival BERLIN on Vimeo.

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Between the Seas Festival in New York City,

July 21st- 27th 2014

at the Wild Project (195 East 3rd str.)


Join us in celebrating contemporary Mediterranean culture in NYC!

Between the Seas Festival, New York City's only international Mediterranean festival, is inviting submissions for its fourth edition (July 21st to July 27th at the Wild Project)

We are looking for full and short length works, fully developed or works in progress, original or previously presented, in the fields of theater, dance and music by artists of the Mediterranean and Mediterranean diaspora. Selected applicants will perform alongside a group of curated artists in a total of approximately 15 different performances during one week. Some of the themes that the works may address are:

  • Mediterranean identity/ies: Works that explore or are inspired by life, identities and histories in or across Mediterranean societies

  • Living in-between: Works exploring or inspired by diasporic Mediterranean identities

  • Contemporary works and adaptations; Performances of existing and new works by contemporary Mediterranean playwrights/choreographers/composers. Adaptations or new interpretations of the classics in ways that highlight contemporary Mediterranean realities or explore new aesthetics; original works showcasing techniques, interests and interpretive models emerging in the Mediterranean region.

Submission Guidelines:

Please submit

  • A brief cover letter explaining your interest in the festival

  • A detailed project description (not longer than 3 pages). Make sure to specify your technical needs. We strongly advise that you keep your technical requirements very simple as all performances will be staged in the same theater space using the general festival lighting plot. Make sure to check the theater space and its technical specs to determine if it meets the needs of your work:

  • Work samples. These may include: videos and photos of past work or of previous presentations of the proposed project; script (please send us the full script); reviews and press clippings of your show.

  • Resumes of the primary artists involved and company information

  • A non-refundable application fee of $40 [USD]. The application fee can be paid online on our website or by check payable to “Between the Seas Theater Productions LLC” and mailed to c/o Aktina Stathaki, 152 W131st str New York NY 10027. Make sure to write “BTS application fee” on the memo line.

The new deadline for applications is February 10th 2014. Application materials can be emailed to (please indicate “BTS PERFORMANCE submission” in the subject line) or sent by mail to the following address: c/o Aktina Stathaki 152 West 131st street #1 New York NY 10027. Please review the full submission and selection guidelines on our website before submitting.

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