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In a perfect world we would give all our music away for free and survive on touring revenue, merchandising and licensing income. Alas this is not always possible. In order to eat we have to sell a few CD’s. The good news is that much of our catalog has been released under this creative commons license We have made many Antiqcool songs free to download for a reason, we want you to spread them around. We are an independent record label not a big bad corporation who wants to sue you for file sharing, quite the reverse, file sharing is exactly what we want you to do.If you like one of our songs tweet about it, blog about it, link to it on your Facebook page, your Myspace page, or any other page you can think of. Place one of our widgets on your blog.Put our music in your podcast, play it on your radio station, Stick it on your ipod, play it to your friends, your cat, your dog or your pet hamster (not too loud they have sensitive ears).We are here can also find us on the Podsafe Music Network where all tracks are creative commons and cleared for non commercial use.
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