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I have been waiting for more than five hours at the Frankfurt Airport in a stop from Dresden and will leave in two. Hopefully! See some video stills from the European Tele-plateaus Phase 3 that took place at the TMA Lab in Dresden.
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I am on my way to Novi Sad, Serbia, to attend the Balkan Platform of Dance 2009, a three days event that aims to "present the best selection of contemporary dance productions...made by established authors and emerging dance artists in previous two years in the Balkans."


More from their website: BDP 2009 will present the latest production of BADco (Croatia), Rosana Hribar & Gregor Luštek (Slovenia), Madalina Dan (Romania), Dragana Bulut, Gillie Kleiman & Lígia Soares (Serbia), Griffon dance co. (Greece), Kinesthetic Project (Bulgaria) and Aleksandar Georgiev (Macedonia). BDP 2009 will display the best achievements in artistic, conceptual and production senses as well as the specificities of artistic, cultural and material conditions and contexts of this moment in the Balkans." I am very excited to meet the artists and to have this exceptional opportunity to see their work. I am curious to see if the so called Balkanization have affected their work and process... I was able to interview artist/activist Sasa Ascentic and dramaturg/researcher Ana Vujanovic when they were in NYC in March this year presenting My Private Bio-politics. Watch interview here edited by Ragnar Chacin
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I thank Saša Asentić, Director of the festival for this invitation to do "field work" for dance-tech.net interviews and DTW for supporting this adventure. Now the formal language: This project is made possible by a grant of Dance Theater Workshop, with Major support from the Trust of Mutual Understanding
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