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Exploring choreographic knowledge in networked environments

an online lab led by Marlon Barrios Solano (HZT-Berlin researcher associate and and .TV  creator) and Rachel Boggia (Bates College, USA)

This online collaborative lab is offered as a pilot to students from all HZT-Berlin-| UDK programs and is also open  to worldwide remote participants free of cost.


meta-academy@HZT-Berlin-Bates is an online lab investigating the potential affordances and impact of networked environments  (from internet to mobile devices) for collaborative creation, performance and knowledge production about contemporary choreographic practices.

The lab will offer online video presentations and encounters, discussion forums, online individual and collaborative projects and a final project exhibition. The participants will explore and play with online choreographic knowledge resources and cutting edge digital internet technologies to register, aggregate, map and visualize the knowledge articulated on their own or others creative/artistic practice and research.


The students will collaborate on the design and creation of a meta-resource  on choreographic  knowledge and may also apply the tools and resources in their own creative process and/or research.

All the content, tools and activities will be served online and will include video sharing platforms, network visualization and mobile augmented reality.

This online collaborative lab is offered as a pilot to students from all HZT-Berlin-| UDK programs and is also open  to worldwide remote participants free of cost.


The students need to dedicate at least 8 self paced hours a week engaging with the materials and  activities. Participants needs to have access to broadband internet connection.  Smart mobile devices are desirable yet not required.

This course will be realized twice:

September 1st  to  12th 2015
March 29th to April 9th 2016

Registration is open!! 

Inquiries email to or



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Technology and Peace
The advent of new technologies has fundamentally changed the capacity for processing and exchanging
information in the 21st century. NGOs and
governments, and companies alike are just beginning to understand the
potential that these tools and systems can have in analyzing and
addressing a range of social problems. This dynamic one-week course
will explore how technology is being used to transform conflicts, build
more sophisticated statistical models, fight diseases, monitor
elections, distribute food, design better economic development measures,
and much more. It will also consider some of the key challenges related
to access, implementation, scale, and evaluation that working with
technology presents. The course is designed for professionals from both
the private and public sectors to assist them in developing strategies
and skills to benefit their organization amid this rapidly evolving
landscape. Participants can expect a hands-on and interactive learning
environment with a variety of real world examples from organizations
working in the field.

3 minute video of course:
Online enrollment form:

Technology and Peace: United Nations mandated University for Peace Short Course from Nick Martin on Vimeo.

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