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An intimate presentation of seminal Judson Church dance artist Deborah Hay, discussing and performing her work. The documentary also presents her unique process of embodied inquiry and her continued engagement in dance as a means of exploring consciousness and of posing unanswerable questions.

Deborah Hay, not as Deborah Hay | A documentary by Ellen Bromberg

This documentary is presented on dance-tech.tv by courtesy of Elle Bromberd and Debottah Hay.


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Galvanic Skin Response Sensors - Movement Work

I am collaborating on a project using galvanic skin response sensors in movement performance for the Boston Cyberarts Festival this Spring 2009. I and 2 other dancers I am working with will be wearing the sensors in performance (currently testing out finger versus toe attachments). These will be wired through an analog synthesizer (foregoing digital mediation this round). We will be creating moody low-tones in conjunction with other sounds played by a collaborating musician. Our goal is to create a sound landscape that reflects the inner processes we are exploring through imagery in our movement.I've never worked with GSR's before and am curious if others have experimented with these and in what contexts? Would love to hear about others' experiences.
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