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Norsk Festival for Dans Og Film 2012

"We drank wine, watched porno films, danced as though we were dancing contact improv or working for Forsythe, Kylian, Anne Teresa de Keersmaker, " said the charismatic dancer Jordi Cortes Molina about his collaboration with Daniel Munoz in the making of COUP DE GRACE based on two men whose friendship was brought to an abrupt stop - only to be tested again after 40 years. "We tried everything to get to all the layers of the friendship of these two men with their long long history together. Every day, we'd improvise, sometimes for 3 hours straight, continuing until one of us called to stop."

Molina was a font of information and insight about the challenge of making dance films in our Artists Chat, here in the charming city of Haugesund, pop. 25,000, in the Norsk Festival for Dans og Film. Now in its third year, this dance film festival has the distinction of being developed with the support, from its inception, with The Norwegian International Film Festival now in its 40th year. Anne Jorunn Salhus and Rikke W Lie started their Dans Og Film Festival in 2010, but sadly Anne passed that year. The screenings were primarily on the 4 screens of Edda Kino as well as the Maritim Hotel. This year's festival had the distinction of presenting 4 Norwegian premieres with the opening film being KON TIKI.


12249544870?profile=originalThe screening in Haugesund of COUP DE GRACE directed by Clara van Gool, shown at Dance on Camera Festival 2012 in NYC, was a highlight of Dans Og Film, along with the screening of other old favorites such as HORIZON OF EXILE, ONE FLAT THING RE-PRODUCED, and a new short involving a staggering about of post-production from USA,  SOLIPSIST by Andrew Thomas Huang, noted by Creativity Magazine as a Director to Watch. Jordi revealed how close he was to Clara van Gool, with whom he had made 6 films. When he worked for DV8, he made 2 films with David Hinton, STRANGE FISH and TOUCHED. Quite relaxed and warm in person, Jordi often appears imperious and domineering on screen. He confided that he had to learn to do much less for the camera and slow everything down. He currently is fascinated by the idea of body memory, exploring fossils as a catalyst for a new project. He begins in September to direct a documentary in Barcelona about his work with the disabled.

Dans og Film Festival ran August 19-21, 2012, offering screenings, 4 day workshop with Peter Jasko and Milan Herich from the Brüssels based Les Slovaks dance collective, artists chat, and the lecture/screening of my "100 Years of Dance on Camera."

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Congratulations to Student Dance Filmmakers

The Departments of Modern Dance and Film & Media Arts are pleased to announce the jury selections for the Student Dance for the Camera Program for the 8th International Dance for the Camera Festival and Workshop with Katrina McPherson.

We would like to thank students from around the globe for their submissions and congratulate the selected filmmakers. This is the first year a Jury's Choice Cash Award has been offered.

The $200 award goes to the Workshop "Cámaras danzantes (Dancing Cameras)" taught by Silvina Szperling at Escuela Internacional Cine y TV in Cuba, in collaboration with Festival DVDanza Habana, directed by Roxana de los Ríos, during March-April 2011. With over 80 submissions from around the world the collection of student dance films made during a workshop in Havana, Cuba with Silvina Szperling from Argentina, are particularly compelling. It is to the sponsors of this workshop that we award our cash prize, as a way of supporting their efforts. By the simplest of means, these student filmmakers immediately transport us to their worlds, and a great spirit of humanity is evident in every film.

JURIED STUDENT PROGRAM – Thursday, September 15, Marriott Center for Dance
University of Utah

Tristana Castilla (Spain)
Escuela Internacional Cine y TV, Cuba
Volatile Three
Kayleigh Atkinson
De Montfort University, Leicester, UK
James Gould and Kristen Lucas
University of North Carolina at Greensboro, US
The Breath We Left
Tara Rynders
Atlantic Center for the Arts, Florida, US
Anna Potapova
Okatankino, Russia
Lost Horizon
Tanja London
University of Utah, US
Parallax Error
Anne C. Moore
California Institute of the Arts, US
Eugenia Silveira
Universidad de Republica, Uruguay
Lights Flicker in the Subterranea
David Bird and Hunter McCurry
Oberlin College, US
Vivir es Vivir
Luis Ernesto Donas
Escuela Internacional Cine y TV, Cuba
Carry on Anyways
Remy Fernandez-O’Brien and Nicole Parma
Brown University, US
The Wait of Gravity
Renata Sheppard
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US
Hamish Anderson
Bournemouth University, UK
Stranger Dances
Sabrina Cavins
University of Colorado at Boulder, US
Blood in the Northwest: The Burden of Skin
Mollie Wolf
University of Colorado at Boulder, US
Jerman Catalan (Chile)
Escuela Internacional Cine y TV, Cuba
Honorable Mentions (Lobby Screening)

Entre Nous
Blair Brown
Loyola Marymount University, US
Gray #2 Boundary
Jenilyn Brown
California State University, Long Beach, US
Submissions from Escuela Internacional Cine y TV – Cuba
Instructor, Silvina Szperling -Argentina
Jerman Catalan - Chile
Tristana Castilla - Spain
Luvyen Mederos - Cuba
Luis Ernesto Doñas - Cuba
Lo Siento
Jerman Catalan
Felipe López – Colombia

Jury members included Marta Renzi, Choreographer and Dance Filmmaker from New York, Robert Schaller, Filmmaker and Director of the Handmade Film Institute from Boulder, Colorado, Michael Trent, Artistic Director and Resident Choreographer of Toronto’s Dancemakers and the Centre for Creation, Wyn Pottratz, Graduate Student in the Department of Modern Dance pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Screendance, and Danielle Short, Graduate Student in the Department of Film & Media Arts, also pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Screendance. (For jury bios go to: For more information on the entire Festival and Workshops, please go to

Ellen Bromberg
Associate Professor, Department of Modern Dance
Director, The International Dance for the Camera Festival
Director, Graduate Certificate in Screendance
University of Utah
330 S. 1500 East, Rm. 106
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
Personal Office – 801/587-9807
Dance Office – 801/581-7327
Fax - 801/581-5442

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Friday, October 22, 6:30pm
New York's Showbiz Cafe
19 West 21st Street
Presented by Loikka-festivaali director Hanna Pajala-Assefa
in collaboration with Dance Films Association.

Dance on Camera
your imagination!

Hanna Pajala-Assefa, who is accepting entries until the end of October for her 2011 Festival, will present:

KOTKA (Eagle)
Eino Ruutsalo, 7', 1962
This short by the pioneer of Finnish experimental film stars Riitta Vainio with a score by Otto Donner, a central figure in Finnish popular music scene in 60's and 70's.

LIIKKEEN MIELI (Mind Embodied)
Seppo Rustanius, 7'20," 2007
Reveals the connection between modern dance in Finland and women´s gymastics.

365 DAYS
Reijo Kela, 18,'1999 (2006)
A video diary directed by Reijo Kela (b.1952), a pioneer of site-specific dance and political environmental art.

Kimmo Alakunnas, 23', 2010
"An Ant" reveals a workaholic's questionable sense of reality.

Register for Sunday, October 24thdance on camera workshop at 92nd St Y led by Alla Kovgan, Russian born filmmaker, curator, editor, and story teller who co-directed with David Hinton the award-winning film NORA.

December 19th workshop will be led by Richard Move, the multi-talented performer, choreographer, filmmaker.
Register now for these unique dance on camera workshops.

Dance on Camera Touring Events
October 23
New Jersey State Film Festival at Cape May

October 26
Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond

November 5-21
FEDAME in Mexico

DFA produced 44 events this year, in addition to its 38th Festival co-produced by the Film Society of Lincoln Center, Movement Research, Beacon School, and Mark Morris Dancec Center with the support of the National Endowment of the Arts, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. We thank our 112 partners for their enthusiasm for this blossoming art.

For more details see Dance on Camera Festival Touring Schedule
Stay in touch!
Deirdre Towers
DFA Festival Director
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DANCE:FILM in Edinburgh

Hi Guys,two of my films are in DANCE:FILM...TRENCH is screening in Dance For Camera on Sat at 11.30am and URBAN DANCERS is in Dance With Camera on Sat at 13.30! It'd be great to see you there!!!Sabine xSo, here are the dates & links:Dance for Camera – Saturday 23rd May 2009, 11.30 with Camera – Saturday 23rd May 2009, 13.30 there are also:Is it Dance? – Saturday 30th May 2009, 11.30 works – Saturday 30th May 2009, 13.30
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