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GVA Sessions 2011 Dialog: Sound and Movement July 16th - 23rd 2011

GVA Sessions is an interdisciplinary research and international exchange platform organized by the Gilles Jobin Company, geared to respond to the ever changing artistic environment of the performing arts, primarily contemporary dance, music and related creative technologies.

The GVA Sessions 2011 we will be focusing on exploring one of the longest established collaborative partnerships in the performing arts: that between choreographer and composer, choreography and music. This year, it will offer a mixed format providing a collaborative space for different types and levels of knowledge, artists research and production.

Since 2007, the GVA Sessions have led knowledge exchange gatherings inviting international creative arts practitioners to Geneva (Switzerland) with the goal to share their artistic inquiry, think  and create together, in an informal collaborative yet rigorous setting.
GVA Sessions is offered to the selected participants through a grant. More infomation on the website of the Cie Gilles Jobin.

The GVA Sessions 2011 will take place in Geneva in July as an eight days seminar-workshop. It offers to the participants a hybrid collaborative format that will have two intersecting instances:

1. Perspectives and Frames International Seminar : July 16  - 17   2011
We will start a two day seminar over the weekend with an international guest group of choreographers, composers and interdisciplinary artists who will dissect and discuss with participants their recent work and practices, exploring the practical and conceptual challenges involved in the composition of choreography, music and sound.

Speakers :
Cristian Vogel (composer), Myriam Gurfink (choreographer), Cindy Van Acker (choreographer), Ariella Vidach & Claudio Prati (interdisciplinary artists), Anna Huber (choreographer), Jennifer Bonn (composer), Kasper T Toeplitz (composer), Christian Garcia (composer), Perrine Valli (choreographer), Eric Linder (composer), Andre & Michel Decosterd (music & architecture), Adam Harper (composer, musicologist), Daniel Schorno (composer), Jérome Soudan (composer), Robin Rimbaud (composer), Muriel Romero (choreographer) & Pablo Palacio (composer).

2. Collaborative Lab : July 18  - 23  2011
Monday begins six days of workshop at the Gilles Jobin Company studios where concepts and ideas will be explored and embodied by the GVA Sessions participants in different collaborative configurations. The first 5 days will start with a 90 minutes warm-up leaving the rest of the day for encounters, informal collaborations and self-organizing creative projects.

GVA Sessions 2011 culminates  eight days  of creative explorations with an informal showing session open to the public on Saturday July 23rd 2011.
Other stimulating activities have been scheduled  for two evenings during the week.

GVA Sessions 2011 are oriented to:
Professional dancers, performers, choreographers, composers, musicians, researchers and interdisciplinary artists.

Application process:
Participants  for the GVA Sessions 2011 will be selected via application.
GVA Sessions 11 is limited to 18 participants.

How to apply:
GVA Sessions 2011 will use the GVA Dance Training website for the application:

- Sign up to the GVA Dance Training website and fill out the profile questions (top right cornerof website).
- Include in your GVA Dance Training profile your bio, picture, meaningful projects and collaborations.
- Upload  at least 5 photos and useful online references to your work.
- Send and email to with a short statement of interest including previous dance and music collaborations (if any) and your reasons why would you like to attend to this event.

Deadline for applications : May 30th of 2011

Inquiries :

Acceptance will be notified in June 2011 via email

NOTE: the selected participants must commit to attend the complete program and  they would be asked for a deposit of 300 CHF to reserve the spot in the event. Deposit will be returned after completion of the sessions.

GVA Sessions 11 Production Team:
Gilles Jobin/General Direction
Marlon Barrios Solano/Project Leader/Research Associate
Cristian Vogel/Research Associate
Melanie Rouquier/Production
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Application call« exercer les images » contemporary dance training programex.e.r.ce 09/10 is being shaped around the theme of “the image”, which will serve as a pivot forthe entire program. The image’s role in dance is multifarious. It is a wellspring for work,inspiration and references; it is a powerful tool for writing, memory and props.The ex.e.r.ce09/10 program will pursue three lines of research, exploring how dance has impacted the imageand how the image has impacted dance from a historical, technical, artistic and aestheticviewpoint. We are curious about what might emerge from this specific image relation into theframework of a dance training program that emphasizes research, tool-building, creating andperforming.the ex.e.r.ce 09/10 program is being led by Mathilde Monnier, choregrapher - Isabelle Launay,dance history doctor - Mark Tompkins, choregrapher, singer - Stéphane Bouquet, screenwriter,poet - Loïc Touzé, choregrapher .applicants futur dance artists and other people wishing to work in relation with this artisticfield aged over 20.Dance training program for students and professionalsIn face of the way choreography is evolving and the ever-increasing links among artists from different countries, cultures, age groups and backgrounds, we believe it is important to widen the scope of ex.e.r.ce’s applicants in order to enable experienced professionals to join ex.e.r.ce. The courses will be organized through three 12-week seminars. It will be possible to follow either the full program for student training or an 8-week seminar (full or part) for the professional training.application until 5 december 2008
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